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Introducing Wooberly

Wooberly is a name we coined for our Uber clone, which helps you launch your taxi app without breaking the bank. Beyond its cost-effectiveness, your user (driver & rider) deserves an app that is the best in terms of UI & UX. They do!

With all the features and functionalities, our solution comes in handy to help you run and manage your taxi business effortlessly. Not just that, we’ll take care of every process from white-labeling to launching your taxi app—for free.


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It’s benefits!

Why choose our
Uber clone?

We’ve seen a business get to us because they’ve had enough of the unrealistic expectations and hidden fees from the providers they work with. But what makes our Uber clone unique?

Here are some:

  • Tick markBest UI & UX
  • Tick markGet Android & iOS app for any plan
  • Tick markBuilt with Flutter, ensuring scalability
  • Tick markTransparent pricing
  • Tick markUnlimited updates

Guide to our Uber Clone

It’s free. Get the complete picture of our Uber clone app with this guidebook.

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Features & Functionalities

Rider & Driver

Features & Functionalities

Admin panel

Effortless customization

The tech stack we used?

Adding new features, functionalities, and workflow shouldn’t be hard and complicated for you. Instead, it should be effortless to scale—and the nature of our tech stack used in our Uber clone aligns with that goal.

  • Tick markFlutter regularly updates its library with new plugins
  • Tick markCustomization & scaling becomes straightforward
  • Tick markDevelopment costs are 3X less than Native technology
  • Tick markDramatically reduces the platform scaling cost
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Google Map
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Flutter Location

Make it count!

Why invest in
Uber clone apps now?

People are adapting so fast, thus; serving them with their preferred channels has become a new norm. Didn’t believe us?

Here’s the proof.

  • Tick markThe market volume of taxi business is estimated to be $379.00 Billion by 2027.
  • Tick markBy 2027, the number of users in the taxi segment is likely to surge by 1.45 Billion.
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Launch your taxi app, effortlessly

We share regular product updates

Regular updates

Regular updates

We'll update you on the development status regularly.

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We took complete care until your platform gets launched.

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Weight in the costs!

Fair pricing. Desired outcome.

When faced with several Uber clones, you don't have a clue about choosing the best Uber clone.

However, your first question should be, "Is this solution worth my time, money, and effort?"

Here's the good news: Our fair pricing and superior benefits join hands and make the best find for your search.

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It’s transparent

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As you can see, all Uber clone providers have brand names for their solutions. Similarly, we named our Uber clone solution Wooberly.
Uber clone is a ready-made taxi booking app solution that offers a cost-effective and efficient way for entrepreneurs to launch their taxi apps swiftly.
Or if you're opting for a readymade Uber clone solution, the cost of an Uber clone would range between $2k - $6k.
Uber clone is legal unless it violates any intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, patents, and trademarks. In short, it is legal.
The Wooberly copy you receive will not be encrypted. It gives you the full freedom to customize it according to your business needs.
We will keep on adding new features, improvising existing features, and fixing bugs if any.
Whenever we release a new version, we can share the updated source code files if you are eligible to get unlimited updates.
Even though updates are free, there will be additional charges for website reinstallation, mobile app reinstallation, and resubmission.
If there aren't any custom changes made then we can simply replace the files from the new version.
However, if there are any custom changes done by us, then we will need to compare the code and apply the changes using tools like Beyond Compare.
Updates are free. However, if we have to compare and apply the updates, then we may charge you for the hours that we need to spend on applying the update.
Please get in touch with our team for more details.
If the custom changes are done by you/your team, we can only provide the updated source code files as we will not be able to provide support on the tampered source code files.
Yes, you can get the update based on the package that you purchased.
You can hire our team on-demand and get in touch with them for more details.
The free technical support period will start from the date of purchase.