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Postmates clone

A powerful solution for all multi-delivery needs!

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Postmates clone app - A cost-effective solution

Get your global presence with the Postmates clone solution. It is a pre-build multi-delivery app that helps entrepreneurs to launch their apps in a super fast timeline. More importantly, this solution comes with a user app, partner app, store(Merchant) panel, and admin panel. Thus, it enables the admin to manage the ins and outs of their business operation.

Grubhub clone

How this solution impact your
multi-delivery business?


Built with Flutter


Better pricing


Go Global


Offers 100% customization


Quick launch


Multi-delivery solution

The development process we follow

Our journey started 6 years before, and from the start till now, we had wordless pleasure in helping startup owners to achieve their business goals.



Initially, we discuss with you and deliberately listen to your business goals and requirements.



And then we meticulously develop and customize your multi-delivery app.



Our testing ensures that your app works without any bugs.



Finally, we take complete control of launching your multi-delivery app.

Let’s start the development process!

Efficacious solution for your multi-delivery business

Postmates clone is a ready-made solution that works the same as Postmates. Here, we integrated advanced features and functionality that skillfully assist the user, delivery partner, merchant, and admin.

The term multi-delivery solution means that it can be integrated with several delivery apps like food delivery, grocery delivery, pharmacy delivery, and anything relevant to the delivery business.

And the platforms connect users, merchants, and delivery partners to fulfill the goal of buying and selling goods. Moreover, the admin can monitor the business process downright through their panel. Therefore, the admin can manage their business without any hassle.

Grubhub clone Software

Complete charge over the business operation

With the admin panel, the admin can perform various tasks from site & app setting to effectively manage every user (users, merchants, and delivery partners)

panelSection Img

What do you get from the Postmates clones?

The Postmates clone script comes with a user app, a delivery partner app, a store panel, and an admin panel. Each app and panel differs with features that work differently for each user.

User app  - Postmates clone

User app

Delivery partner app  - Postmates clone

Delivery partner app

Store panel  - Postmates clone

Store panel

Admin Panel  - Postmates clone

Admin Panel

Chat with our friendly sales team

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Features that ensure the smooth
function of the app

Build with the Latest Technology!

Technology has an overall impact on the cost and time of development. Additionally, it reflects how the app shines ahead of the competition. So, we never compromise on choosing the right technology to develop your multi-delivery app.

We used Google Maps and Flutter location plugins to find users' current location, routings, and live tracking. For lightning-fast performance, we built our APIs using GraphOL technology. Additionally, we used firebase for push notifications, analytics, and crash reporting.

Postmates clone - Technologies

Superfast support to you!

Postmates clone - Support

Free server installation

After the purchase, we provide you with the complete source code at no cost. We will keep you updated on each progress and will respond to your queries.

Free app submission

We handle the entire process of launching your app on both Android and iOS.

Support after app rejection

What if your app is rejected by the App Store and Play Store? Our technical team will assist you in identifying the issue and will easily launch your app on the App Store and Play Store.

Free white labeling

You can rebrand the Wooberly SuperDelivery script to suit your needs using our free white labeling service.

Let’s discuss your business
goals with us!

Build your multi-delivery app

Postmates clone is a readymade solution specially built for startup owners to launch their app within a quick timeframe.
Surely! It is customizable. Moreover, you can integrate new features and desired delivery apps into the platform.
It’s wholly based on the requirements you had. However, you can contact [email protected] to discuss pricing.
We recommend AWS & DigitalOcean and it will work fine on any Ubuntu-based hosting server.
  • Operating System - Ubuntu 22.04
  • Storage - 50GB (Should be expandable)
  • RAM - 4GB (Should be expandable)
  • SSH with root user access
Note: The server should not have any configurations like Apache, any Database, etc. We need just a fresh installation of Ubuntu 22.04.

Disclaimer : The term Postmates is solely used for marketing purposes, and we are not associated with Postmates, Inc. in any form. The source code and design of our products are fully owned by us. We are not using any of their copyrighted materials.

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