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Launch your on-demand business with our completely customized Uber clone script.


Wooberly - Uber like app tailor-made solution for your on-demand business

Wooberly an on-demand Uber clone solution for your taxi booking business. It serves as an instant solution with 100% customization that caters to your business needs and packed with all necessary features to fulfill the needs and expectations of the customer.

Start standing ahead from the crowd by delivering a high-quality Uber clone app with the trendy technology Flutter that provides a better user experience with very less development cost and time.

Our Uber Clone Script – Rider & Driver Workflow Video

Development stages of the Wooberly – Uber Clone Script

4 steps to create your own on-demand business like Uber

Latest Technologies We Are Working On

Flutter – The Future of Native Mobile Apps

Flutter is one of the most demanding technology to create rich native interfaces for both iOS and Android. Get a single code base for both Android & iOS that saves your development time & cost with a quick reach to the market.   Flutter provides a plethora of advantages that are more flexible, expressive and gives a delightful experience.
 Uber Clone - Wooberly

Why is Flutter Gaining Popularity?

 Uber Clone - Wooberly
Uber Clone - Wooberly

Single Codebase

Just code once, and you can run the code on all platforms (iOS and Android). Flutter is a cross-platform development tool that is powered by Google. The SDK offers an easy modification of code.
Uber Clone - Wooberly

Two Platforms

Build an Android and iOS app for your business parallelly and launch them together on the corresponding app store.
Uber Clone - Wooberly

Three Benefits

Saves your money, Saves your time and also saves your development efforts. Flutter would lower down your development time and also an investment. It allows building an appealing and user-friendly interface too.

Why Wooberly – Uber clone app?

Uber Clone - Wooberly

Free App Submission

Offering free submission service to submit your apps on both Google play store and iOS app store.
Uber Clone - Wooberly

Support After App Rejection

Full support and assistance will be provided to resolve the issues if the app is rejected at the time of submission.
Uber Clone - Wooberly

Free Server Installation

Get your free installation of the API on your server within a short period of time once the purchase is done with our Wooberly.

Uber Clone - Wooberly

Easily Customizable

Wooberly – Uber like app offers full freedom by providing you 100% source code that helps to tailor the readily available solution to the exact needs of your business.
Uber Clone - Wooberly

One Time Fee

It’s just a one-time fee and you don’t have to pay anything for the base product. No hidden charges as well.
Uber Clone - Wooberly

On-Time Delivery

Assuring prompt delivery of every quality output within the allocated time limit with the unbeatable price. A timely approach attracts customers with trust and satisfaction beyond your expectations.

Fast-forwarding with the Tech Stack of Wooberly –
Uber Clone Script

Wooberly – Uber clone script uses the latest technology for a faster and also smoother experience that leads to better business growth. Google Maps and Geocoder helps in fetching the user’s current location, live tracking, and also routing. GraphQL is a query language and helps in improving the performance of APIs. adhara socket IO supports both iOS and Android for flawless connections. Firebase that delivers high-quality apps and also helps in storing the data and also deals all the push notifications and crash analytics
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Uber Clone - Wooberly

Driver Features of Wooberly – Uber Clone App



In Wooberly, a driver can register to become a driver by entering the mobile number and using Twilio verification, an OTP is sent to confirm the mobile number to avoid fake registration

uber clone driver registration

Payout Method

Drivers can receive their payment via Cash or Card at the end of a trip. The transaction happens at a flash of light and also gets notifications after the process is complete.


Multi-Currency and Language

Drivers can choose any international currency and it currently provides 24+ currencies. Wooberly – Uber Like App supports multi-languages such as English, Spanish, Italy, and also Portuguese.



Drivers can track the upcoming and completed trips within the app. The driver also gets easy access to receipts.


Driver’s Status

In Wooberly – Uber clone script, the driver can toggle between online and offline with a single click.


Push Notifications

The driver gets real-time updates on new bookings and also the location of the rider is shared to pick up the rider at their location.

Uber Clone - Wooberly

Dynamic Routing

This feature in Wooberly helps the driver to know the shortest route of the drop location along with the estimated time of arrival and exact fare.

Uber Clone - Wooberly

Cancellation Reason

Providing the latest feature of adding the cancellation reason for the driver. Drive has to select any one of the valid reasons from the list of categories given. There is also an option to type the reason manually according to their experience which is not in the list of reasons provided.

Uber Clone - Wooberly

Earning Reports

Track your earning reports in Wooberly – Uber like app as a term of the weekly and total earnings report. The weekly and the total earning report includes the completed ride within this week and so far completed rides along with the exact fare too.


Rider Features of Wooberly – Uber Clone App


One-Click Signup option

Wooberly comes with a simple registration process with Twilio SMS gateway that sends verification code via SMS immediately for confirmation and thus eliminating fake users.

airbnb clone -home icon

Multiple Categories

Riders can choose a variety of available categories based on their preference. Wooberly makes user’s ride more convenient based on their budget and need.


Live Tracking

Live tracking feature helps the riders to track the driver and the current route. This enables the riders to know the driver’s exact location and ETA.

Uber-Clone-Payment options

Payment Options

Wooberly provides multiple payment options for riders. A rider can pay for their entire ride by card or cash at their convenience.


Fare Estimation

The Rider can get an approximate fare before the ride starts. Also, they can get a detailed breakdown of the billing after the ride is completes.

Uber Clone - Wooberly
Uber Clone - Wooberly

Tips to the Driver

The rider has the option to add a tip for the driver based on their convenience before completing the ride. This feature in Wooberly helps express your ride experience with the particular driver.

Uber Clone - Wooberly

Stripe 3D Secure

Wooberly supports SCA with 3D secure authentication in stripe payment. It is used to verify credit and also debit cards during online transactions. 3D secure in stripe works by entering your card details with the necessary details and get redirected to a new pop up window right away for authentication. This feature is mainly for providing safe and also secure transactions.


SOS Assistance

Wooberly comes up with the emergency contact option for the rider. The rider can call 911 for help in case of emergency and also there is an option to share their trip’s current location to their emergency contacts along with the driver’s car number via SMS. This feature is mainly for security purposes.

Uber Clone - Wooberly

Wallet Option

Riders can pay their ride fare easily to make payments for the trips without delay by the wallet option in Wooberly. The wallet can be recharged via debit or credit cards.

Uber Clone - Wooberly

Admin Features of Wooberly – Uber Clone App


Site Settings

Wooberly allows the admin to manage the logo along with its details and also the URLs of social media. It helps the admin to change the settings as per their needs and requirements.

Uber Clone - Wooberly

Manage Promo Code

Promo code is useful in providing discounts and offers to the riders. Admin can add and manage the details with code, title, discount and the status of the codes whether it is active or not. Admin also has the control to edit and modify the promo codes including its currency type, expiry date, description, etc.


Manage Notifications

This feature in Wooberly allows the admin to send notifications to both the rider and driver at the same time with the same message or they can send different messages at a different time.


Cancelled Bookings

Admin can view the bookings canceled by both driver and rider with the entire details including their name, email id, trip status, total duration, ride total fare, etc.


Manage Categories

Admin has the full control to edit and manages the categories of vehicles such as auto, micro, mini, luxury, and prime that also includes their category name, currency type, base price, unit price, rider commission, driver commission, etc. Admin can also add the new categories as per the needs in Wooberly – Uber like app.


Manage Vehicles

Allows the admin to view the vehicle name, type, number, owner name, etc and admin can manage the documents uploaded by the driver along with the vehicle type, name, number, and status whether active or not.


Manage Bookings

This feature in Wooberly – Uber like app allows the admin to track the ongoing bookings along with the details of both driver and rider including their name, email id, pick up location, drop location, vehicle number, trip status, and total fare, etc.

Experience Our Uber Clone Mobile Apps & Admin Demo 


Explore Uber Clone Rider App Demo

Wooberly – Uber like app is built with the modern technologies to deliver an eye-catching and attractive visual appearance that elevates the performance and speed. Experience our striking iOS and Android apps demo to know more about our trendy features.


Explore Uber Clone Driver App Demo

Take a tour of our driver app to experience the engaging and seamless user interface. Wooberly – Uber like app, is built with the required features to start your taxi business or any on-demand services. You can find the Wooberly driver app in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Explore Wooberly Admin Demo

Start, track and manage the entire platform along with the rider and driver app easily with full control as an admin. Just try our Wooberly admin demo by just clicking the below link.


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