RentALL Space - Space Rental Script

Connect the dots of space owners and customers by building a simple peer-to-peer venue space rental marketplace.


What is RentALL Space?

The space rental script is designed by skilled engineers to help space rental owners for managing the interaction and relationship with end-customers. Our space rental script is simple-to-use and ready for fast launching into the market. It is a whole package with all the required features and also being super affordable to your budget.

RentALL Space – Space Rental Script is a customizable space booking script that bridges the gap between landlords and guests/event managers. From giving a seamless booking process to managing unlimited users and reservations, RentALL Space would enrich your marketplace platform with better user engagement.

Control your marketplace activities in one dashboard, where it is simple and easy to use. Just focus on the business, and we will also take care of the rest.

How to Get Started with Our Coworking Space Booking Software?

Event Booking Script

Gather Requirements

Let’s gather requirements to build your space booking marketplace.
Event Booking Script

Designing & Development

We design the workflow of the marketplace and plan the sprint modules.
Event Booking Script


Identify the bugs, tweak the code and prevent further quality issues.
Event Booking Script


Let’s launch your space rental marketplace successfully.

Why Prefer RentALL Space – Space Rental Script?

Space rental script

100% Customizable

Get our space rental software, it provides 100% source code and also customizes it to your own business needs and requirements. Our customizable platform supports and also enhances your space rental business.
Space rental script

One time payment

Get your own copy of the space rental script source code. We guarantee you of no recurring charges and also experience a hassle-free payment to set your marketplace platform.
Space rental script


RentALL Space – Coworking space booking software gives a solid foundation for scaling your space marketplace platform along with the growing user base.
Space rental script

Modern Technologies

Build your office space rental script with the rising modern technologies like Reactjs, GraphQL, Expressjs, Redux, and also React Apollo. Your marketplace platform can outperform in managing users efficiently and also handle all rental-related operations.
Space rental script

Better User Experience

RentALL Space – Coworking space script comes with reusable UI components for high usability and also the speedy performance. Sculpt a simple, user-friendly, and sleeky web and also a mobile app to please the eyes of your users using the platform.
Space rental script

Launch Worldwide

Go global and expand your horizons with the multi-language and also multi-currency features. This allows wide users to prefer your space rental marketplace platform.
Space rental script

Free App Submission

Offering free app submission to our clients and we value in building a quality mobile and web application. We make sure the app is successfully published in the Apple App Store and Android PlayStore.
Space rental script

Support After App Rejection

We help you in re-launching your app if it gets rejected in App Stores for an uninterrupted entrepreneurial journey. Developers analyze and also modify the code for the successful second launch.
Space rental script

Free Server Installation

We deploy the source code to your remote server and also keep you updated with the end-to-end process. Assure you to answer all your technical questions if any.

Tailor RentALL – Space Rental Script to New Solutions

Event Booking Script

Coworking Space

Customize our space rental script to build a smart online booking coworking space site. This will also enable your users to work at any place, anywhere without being confined to any space.
Event Booking Script

Event Venue Space

Space booking script helps you to book venues for events like parties, weddings, baby showers, corporate events, a book gathering, a get-together and also so on.
Event Booking Script


A platform to connect landlords with spaces to people who need space for meetings. From keeping a corporate meeting to finding any venue for a yoga class, your users can also find a compact space to book for a short time.

Technologies used is Our Coworking Space Booking Software

Design a flawless and also well-designed venue booking website with the latest technology. Formulate your space rental software as powerful to hold huge users and also perform multiple transactions.

React, Redux, GraphQL, React-Apollo, Express.js and Sequelize, are preferred by RentALL Space to raise the standard of web development.

Made with RadicalStart
Space rental script

What RentALL Space – Space Rental Script can do!

Space rental script

Hourly Booking

Users can rent venue spaces by booking the number of hours they need at the exact time.
Space rental script

Manage Space Availability

Space owners can also set the options to make their venue space rentable at a specific hour on specific days while filling their venue details.
Space rental script

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency

Go global by using the multi-language and also multi-currency features. Users can also switch to their local language and currency easily with this feature.
Space rental script

Creative Search Page with Advanced Filters

Anything your user searches for on the platform would be found easier and also faster with the help of a search page in the RentALL Space. Users can recognize their needed rental space after eliminating wide options by advanced filters.
Space rental script


Let users save their favorite venue spaces to re-look for the future booking process and also share it with their loved ones. It also reminds users to take action for future bookings. This feature also increases their session duration on the platform.
Space rental script

Payment gateways - Stripe + PayPal

Integrate well-known payment gateway – Stripe and PayPal – for your space rental marketplace platform. Protect customers data by providing a secure transaction process by including Stripe 3D Secure into your marketplace platform.
Space rental script

Dynamic SiteMap for SEO

Make your marketplace platform to automatically generate XML files for the Google bots and also other search engines to discover your online business platform.
Space rental script

Stripe Connect Customer Onboarding

Provide secure bank payment transactions by opting for the Stripe Connect Onboarding to space owners. They can easily add and also do bank processes by eliminating steps for the payment process through the Stripe payment gateway.
Space rental script

Instant Book & Request to Book

Customers can book the venue space using the ‘instant book’ option or give a ‘request to book’ notifying the space owners. They can inquire about extra details about the space by using ‘Inquiry for the space booking’ option. Host owners can also choose their booking preferences in the settings.

Our RentALL Space Web & Mobile Apps Demo

Engaging Web Application

Our RentALL – Space rental script crafted by skilled engineers to provide visually enticing and user-friendly website experience too. We provide a scalable space rental software and also it’s 100% customizable for any solution.

Knockout Native Android and iOS Apps

You can download the RentALL Space mobile apps quickly to your Android or iOS devices from the corresponding app store and also experience the smooth workflow and efficient performance of the space rental app.

Now, it’s more than easier to manage your business processes using your mobile apps. With a secure payment transaction and solid platform, the app is streamlined and also delivers an efficient process.


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