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How to Start a Handyman Business?
How to start a handyman business

How to Start a Handyman Business?

How to start a handyman business? We share everything you need to know to starting a handyman business. Let’s get started.

Yeshwant Sethuraman
Yeshwant Sethuraman

Handyman business offers you a variety of home repair services based upon the customers' needs. You must follow the right strategies and integrate the right resources and tools that will make you stand out from the other handyman businesses.

Imagine waking up and realizing that your water pipe is not working. You will be needing someone to do it for you.

Preferably, someone from the Handyman business would be helpful.

This is a day-to-day scenario for most of the people which makes handyman business demanding.

We have filtered the best and easy steps that you can follow to create a handyman business and help you connect with the potential customers and achieve the desired business growth.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Steps to start a handyman business

1. Decide your services

We must have a solid foundation for your business success. You need to start planning by shortlisting the services that you can handle for your residential clients.
Multiple services can be offered for a successful business such as interior and exterior services.

Interior handyman service includes furniture repairs, painting, drywall maintenance, plumbing and tiling. The exterior handyman services include gutter cleaning, window washing, general maintenance, fence and gate repairs.

You can filter the jobs based on the handyman experts and their ability to handle the jobs.

Once you have finalized the handyman services that you are going to start with, you need to choose a catchy business name, target audience and competitors.

2. Strategize your service pricing

Setting up the business basics and finalizing the handyman services are not enough to get started with the business. You need to analyze among the competitors and fix your handyman service prices.

Pricing plays a significant role in deciding how successful your handyman business can be and helps you to stand out from the rest of the handyman businesses. Pricing must be determined based on the niche of your handyman services.

Checking the competitors pricing, average expense and other marketing strategies will help you in finalizing the overall pricing.

There are two price modules that are Hourly rate and Fixed pricing.

You need to analyze the industry and profit margins considering both scenarios and choosing the most suitable price models.

3. Register your business

Once the initial planning is done it’s time to jump onto the execution and start your business registration. Your business must be registered and should avail a business general liability insurance.

While filing for business registration, you need to select how your business should be registered as,

  • Corporation
  • Partnership
  • Sole proprietorship
  • LLC (Limited Liability company)

Most of the handyman business companies choose to start as a partnership or sole proprietorship because it is a straightforward approach for managing the business operations.
You can also start as an individual without any partners and employees. You just need to acquire a business license in order to provide service to the clients.

4. Get licenses and certificates

Based on tha area of operations, you need to follow different laws and regulations to acquire business licenses and certificates to run a business. Operating without a general license and contracts you might land into legal trouble.

Limit your services within the contractor’s license and permits to ensure that you do not break the law of different states.

5. Build your website

Having a reliable website that can be located on search will build your business and also helps your customer to build trust and will set you apart from your competitors.

Your website must include the company, services offered, client testimonials, services provided and information about the license. Websites should be SEO optimized as it will be easy for your customers to find you online.

6. Developing an on demand Handyman App

Having an on demand handyman app is useful for both the customer and service providers. Customers can book for a service using the app and can keep track of the job. We can develop separate apps for Service providers and customers.

Want To Build An Uber Like Handyman App?

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7. Market your Handyman Business

If you wish to expand your business, then you have to market it in the right way. You need to analyze the target audience and kickstart the marketing operations.

Marketing strategy should focus on providing value to the customers and showcasing the credibility and authority that attract the prospects.

You can create business cards, Flyers and personalized postcards to strengthen your marketing approach. Many companies focus on offline marketing which does not gain them the expected boost. We have to adapt and try to market it in the digital platforms in order to reach the desired goals.

8. Define your Brand

Brand is nothing but keeping a unique name for the handyman service. Having an individual name for your handyman business makes it easier for the people to recognize it.

9. Have a firm strategy and Goal

You must follow firm procedures in order to achieve your goal. The handyman business is built with the service that you have, money that you charge and clients.

Initially it would be difficult to charge the services , but figuring the overhead costs is one of the greater ways to start.

Also you should have big goals as they will motivate you to push yourself ahead everyday.

These are the steps that are useful for establishing a successful handyman business.

Looking for an On-Demand handyman app solution?

We have built a product that is customizable to suit any of the on demand needs. This product has every necessary feature that is required to start a business.

The product is called WooberlyHandyman - Handyman app like uber solution and it is a highly flexible script that helps you to start your business instantly.

How WooberlyHandyman app benefits you?

A product is useless if it does not benefit you or the customer. We do have a lot of benefits with the WooberlyHandyman that amazes you.

1. Advanced technology

WooberlyHandyman is built with the latest technology called Flutter. The major benefit is that both iOS and Android applications are built using a single code base, which in return reduces the cost and time of the development.

2. Cost-effective

Buying a ready-made script and customizing it based on your requirements is more cost effective than building it from scratch.

3. Tech support

We offer end to end technical support to our customers to sort out the issue that they are facing.

4. Payment Gateway

We have integrated Stripe through which payments are made quicker and the app has an in app wallet through which the riders can make payment without ease.

You will be getting a Landing page, Admin panel and Mobile Apps separately for Customers and Service providers.


So, We have discussed how to start a handyman business and also the steps that are needed to make it a profitable one.

If you want to know more about WooberlyHandyman please drop an email to [email protected] or ping us on WhatsApp.

Create your Handyman app with us!

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