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How white label Uber app clone can help you start a taxi business like Uber?

When it comes to scaling your taxi business, you certainly need some resources in hand to do your best. One of them is procuring a white-labeled Uber clone app.

Here, we’ll see the benefits and how a white-label Uber clone can help you launch your taxi app.

What is a white-labeled Uber clone app?

Let’s get to know the term first.

The term "white-label" refers to the fact that this clone app can be rebranded and customized to suit the needs of a specific business or business owner like you to start their own ride-sharing service.

To put this in other words:

The white-labeling concept is when a ready-made app solution is transformed to suit your own brand - the name, the logo, and other intricate details like features & functionalities of your business.

There is also an important quality or selling point here.

So it is its cost-effectiveness and being a quickly launchable platform.

Cost-effective in the sense—compared to custom development, it’s much more affordable.

Before that, let’s have a look at the cost of both ways.

If you choose a custom development, you need to spend around $60,000 - $2,00,000, and on the other hand, a readymade Uber clone comes to around $3000 - $8,000.

Click here to get the complete cost structure of developing an Uber-like app.

How does a white-label Uber clone can be your effective helping hand?

Earlier, we’ve seen “what is (the term definition) and cost intricacies between custom and readymade solution.”

Now, it’s time to unveil the real benefits the solution brings to the table.

1. Digitizing your taxi business

Of course, we all know that the role of any application is to digitize the business.

However, in our case, white-label solutions even do it better.

Ask me how?

When you are planning to develop an Uber-like app, your presence may encounter the idea of custom development. After that, it hits hard when you know the huge investment hidden behind it.

More than a large investment is a concern there; you need to wait for 6 months to 2 years.

That’s a huge time, right?

In that case, a white-label Uber clone can be an effective helping hand in terms of time and money.

2. Reduced development risks

Developing an app from the ground up can be risky due to the technical and development challenges.

Some of them are issues with code quality, functionality, and scalability, which can potentially result in critical problems.

On the other hand, white-label solutions, like Uber clones, offer a risk reduction. It is often built on established and tested frameworks.

This means that the technical and developmental issues that might arise have already been addressed and fixed in the Uber clone app.

3. 100% customization

Customization is a key advantage here.

While based on the Uber model, white-label clone apps are usually customizable to a certain extent.

So you can tailor the app's branding, and design, and add your key features to suit your business needs.

For example, if you wish to offer unique loyalty programs or integrate additional payment methods, the solution can be adjusted to accommodate these requirements.

That’s why it’s been branded as a 100% customizable solution.

However, adding more features and functionality means you need to opt for the additional customization service.

4. Quick-time-to-market

Getting your ride-sharing service up and running is not a big deal with white-label clone apps.

Since it's a pre-developed app, you skip the lengthy development phase and launch your platform with slight changes.

So, not only does it save you time, but it allows you to test and serve the market within a quick time frame.

5. Technical support

When opting for a white-label Uber clone solution, it’s like purchasing the marketplace solution and getting technical support along the way.

What I mean is that you get the technical assistance that comes with your purchase.

Support like launching your app on the App Store and Play Store.

And other are:

  • Free white-labeling
  • Support after app rejection
  • Free app submission
  • Free server installation

But not everyone can promise this to you. You need to make sure you compare the technical assistance they offer.


This is how the white-label Uber clone can impact your taxi business. And while choosing, you need to make sure that you’re choosing the right Uber clone

Or you can choose our Uber clone and be relaxed!

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