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15 Key features of Uber clone app to skyrocket your taxi business!

Owning an on-demand taxi business is not just about the business models and the profit system. It’s about giving the users what they want to grow and strengthen your business.

Using the right kind of features & functionalities for your Uber clone app and constantly updating them according to the customers’ changing needs will keep your taxi business running more smoothly.

In this article, you’ll be looking at 15 exclusive Uber clone app features that you should consider to meet the market standards and expectations.

Let’s jump right in to know more!

What is an Uber clone app?

The business model of Uber has been very successful and has been a pioneer in on-demand services. Therefore, entrepreneurs who are planning on starting an on-demand business want this business model for themselves.

That’s how the Uber clone app came into the picture. Uber clone is a ready-made solution for entrepreneurs which can be customized and white-labeled according to their business needs.

Uber clone app connects people who require a product or service and the people who are ready to provide it, and you will be maintaining the on-demand marketplace that connects these two.

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3 Reasons why you’ll need exciting features for your on-demand taxi business:

These are the three reasons why you’ll be needing such exciting features in an Uber clone app for your on-demand taxi business;

1. The Uber clone app will need features to make the app more user-friendly for the end-users.

2. The features and functionalities for admin will help them manage the on-demand business more efficiently and effectively.

3. Introducing novel solutions can help you compete and become a market leader with your exclusivity.

15 Key features of the Uber clone app that you should be aware of:

There are three kinds of people to be satisfied with the on-demand platform - the riders, the drivers, and yourself (the admin). All these features are necessary to run your business seamlessly!

Rider features:

1. Fare estimation:

Once the rider enters the pickup and drop-off location, there will be an estimated ride fare for each vehicle category.

With this, the riders can choose their option based on their budget. And after the ride is complete, there will be a detailed fare breakdown in the bill.

2. Wallet option:

The riders don’t have to leave the app to make payments anymore. They can pay for the ride using the wallet option. If the wallet drains money, the riders can top-up using their debit card or credit card information. We encourage cashless payment!

3. In-app chatting:

The riders can communicate with the drivers using the in-app chatting facility. Once the riders make the booking, they will receive the driver’s information - including the driver’s name, vehicle number, a chatbox icon. The riders can click on the chatbox icon to communicate with the driver.

4. Ride scheduling:

Now the riders can schedule their rides in the near future. All the rider has to do is “Schedule the ride” by giving the particular date & time based on their convenience.

5. SOS assistance:

The riders can add their emergency contact in their Uber clone app. The contact information includes 911 and the riders' emergency contacts.

An SMS will be automatically sent to the SOS contact with the vehicle number and their current location.

6. Stripe 3D secure:

Integrating safer payment gateways helps gain trust among the app users and encourages cashless transactions.

We integrated Stripe 3D secure for our Uber clone app, which is one of the safest ways of making payments for the ride.

Driver features:

1. Dynamic routing:

The dynamic routing feature of the Uber clone app helps the driver to reach the drop-off location faster on the map. It will show them the shortest routes possible.

2. Payout account:

Payout accounts help drivers receive their share of earnings from the admin/business owner. They should have an option to add multiple account details.

3. Earnings report:

The earnings report dashboard helps drivers track their weekly and total earnings. This report may include the details of the number of completed rides in a week and on the whole as well.

4. RTL support:

Drivers can choose their preferred language to operate the driver’s app. There could also be an RTL support (right to left language) to help them choose RTL languages like Arabic.

5. Driver’s status:

The drivers can alter their activity status using an online/offline toggle. That helps the app algorithm to know whether the driver is available to accept a ride or not.

Admin panel features:

1. Geofencing:

Geofencing helps admins/business owners to manage their on-demand taxi business within a specific location. The admin can mark the area on the map in which the platform will function. The admin can also set ride fares based on these locations.

2. Sub-admins management:

The work of the admin can be made easy by delegating the responsibilities to the sub-admins. With this feature, the admins can allot roles and responsibilities for the sub-admins.

3. Auto-payout:

Imagine calculating the charges and distributing earnings to the hundreds of thousands of drivers manually! Difficult, right?

Here's when the auto payout feature comes in handy.

The auto payout feature of the Uber clone app has made it easy for admins to manage the financial aspect of the business more efficiently.

Automatic earnings distribution happens using the auto-payout feature.

4. Users and booking management:

The admin can manage the users [both riders and the drivers] and the bookings made by the riders. This process ensures that legit people enter into the platform and use it effectively.

Users and booking management features also help the admin oversee the complete ride details and earnings management.


When it comes to running a smooth business using advanced technologies, it is crucial to meet certain requirements to be the best in the market.

Introducing an app into the business is not a big deal. The customer satisfaction and the user-friendliness of the app are the priority.

Get to know our exclusive on-demand marketplace, Wooberly - 100% customizable and scalable.

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