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Cost of developing an app like Airbnb [2024 Version]

How much does it cost to build an app like Airbnb?

I know you're curious to get the cost required to develop an app like Airbnb.

And we are ready to give you that quickly.

When you purchase a readymade app solution, the cost could range between $2,000 - $6.000. If you choose the custom development, you need to pay $30,000 - $2,00,000.

That’s a huge difference, right?

As you know, both readymade solutions and custom development are two different ways that differ significantly.

As you expect, there are several factors that impact the cost of each way.

So this blog isn’t finished—let’s look at that.

Custom development

When choosing the custom development approach, your Airbnb-like app is built from scratch, and tailored to your specific requirements.

So the cost can vary based on some factors.

Here are the factors:

1. Features and complexity

The more complex the feature you wish, the more development time and resources are required—thus, impacting the overall cost.

A feature-rich platform with advanced booking functionalities, user reviews, and geolocation services entails extensive coding and testing.

2. Design and customization

Design and branding contribute significantly to the cost.

To see in detail

Crafting a visually appealing interface with bespoke icons, color schemes, and tailored branding elements may require further design resources.

3. Technology stack

Your choice of technologies—backend, frontend, and database—directly influences development costs.

Choosing the latest and refined tech stack may offer enhanced performance and security but often comes with a higher price tag.

For instance: Choosing a frontend framework like React.js or incorporating a cloud-based database solution can elevate development costs due to the expertise and resources required for implementation.

4. Development timeframe

If you’re in an urgency to complete your project in a quick time frame—it surely demands additional resources to meet deadlines.

Whether you’re on the path of capitalizing on a specific market swiftly, you definitely have no chance other than increasing your workforce by 15-50% based on the level of urgency you have.

And this cost money.

Now it is time for a readymade solution

Ready-made Airbnb clone solutions present an efficient and cost-effective alternative.

It comes with a pre-built framework that substantially reduces development time and costs.

However, there are some factors that influence the cost.

1. Features

The key features that come with the Airbnb clone do a fine job.

Somehow, you may have some ideas to add some advanced features. The reason would be that your business actually needs it or you wish to have your own feature idea on the platform.

Whatever it is. That’s fine. You can do it here but at an additional cost.

2. Customization

While ready-made solutions come pre-built, the level of customization allowed can vary.

In other words: Extensive customization beyond the provided framework may incur costs.

Like, if you wish to customize the user interface extensively or other elements more than the offered pre-built frameworks.

3. Pricing packages

There are different providers offering different packages. Likewise, they came up with different pricing plans.

Prices may vary based on the features included, the level of customization allowed, and the support and updates provided.

Some providers might offer a basic package with essential features at a lower cost, while others offer a premium package that includes advanced functionalities and dedicated support at a higher price.

You don’t need to be blindfolded by seeing the pricing itself.

Just analyze each provider's features & functionalities, design, mobile responsiveness, tech support, and update—and choose the best Airbnb clone.

Support and updates

Ongoing support, maintenance, and updates are essential for a ready-made solution.

These services may be included in the initial cost or provided as separate packages.

If you opt for extended support services to ensure timely updates and assistance, it could add to the overall cost of using a ready-made solution.

That’s it

Now, you get the cost and the factors that influence each way. This can help you in making an informed decision.

Moreover, you get to know that you have ways to build an Airbnb-like app.

Good luck on your journey—and choose the ways that work well for your business.

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