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We have two plans for you

One-Time Fee
100% Source Code
Multi-domain License
Free Tech Support
3 months
6 months
Free App Submission
Free Updates
6 months
Free Installation
Free SSL Installation
Email Support
iOS App for User
Android App for User
iOS App for Service Provider
Android App for Service Provider
Admin Backend Web Panel
User Features
Integrated Google Map
Instant Push Notifications
Detailed Job History
Saved Location
Multiple Payment Modes
In-app Wallet
Promo Code
Track Jobs
Profile Management
Phone Number Verification
Manage Cart
Stripe Integration
Precaution Notification
Tip to Service Providers
Preferred Currency Selection
View Current and Past Jobs
Approve or Reject Additional Work Fare
Job Timeline View
Emergency Contacts
Theme Preference
Service Provider Features
Instant Push Notifications
Integrated Google Map
Detailed Job History
Phone Number Verification
Accept/Decline Job Request
Documents Upload
Availability Toggle
Payout Management
Earnings Report
Service Selection
Cancelation Reason
Job Tracker
Include Additional Work Details
Pause and Resume Job Button
Job Timeline View
Account Management
Preferred Language Selection
Preferred Currency Selection
Admin Features
Simple and User-friendly Dashboard
Site Settings
Service Category Management
Manage HomePage Settings
Manage Operating Location
Customer Management
Manage Jobs
Fare Management
Sub-category Selection
Promo Code Management
Order Management
View and Manage Ratings
Manage Currencies on the Platform
Manage Notification
Delivery Partner Document Verification
Static Page Content Management
Auto Payout for Service Providers
Auto Refund for Users
SIte Configuration Management
Mobile Apps Management
Service Providers Management
Manage Admins
Scheduled Bookings Management
Sub-categories Section
Job Tracker
SMS Methods Management
Password Management
Cancellation Reason Management
Notifications Management
Service Providers Payout Management
Payment Gateway Management
Manage Precaution Notification

Frequently Asked Questions

Have doubts regarding our product? This FAQ is present to bash all your queries and doubts.

What is Wooberly RoadAssist?accordionArrow

Wooberly RoadAssist is a pre-build solution that helps entrepreneurs to digitize their Uber for roadside assistance business.

What is 100% source code?accordionArrow

The copy of Wooberly RoadAssist you receive will not be encrypted. It allows you complete freedom to tailor it to your business requirements.

What do Unlimited updates include?accordionArrow

We will continue to add new features, improve current ones, and fix errors as they arise.

If you are eligible for unlimited updates, we can give you the updated source code files whenever we release a new version.

Even while upgrades are free, website reinstallation, mobile app reinstallation, and resubmission will incur additional fees.

How to apply the product updates to the customized version of your project?accordionArrow

If no custom changes were made, we can simply replace the files from the new version.

However, if we have made any custom changes, we will need to compare the code and implement the changes using tools such as Beyond Compare.

Updates are completely free. However, if we need to compare and apply the changes, we may charge you for the hours spent applying the upgrade.

Please contact our team for further information.

If you or your team make specific changes, we can only provide updated source code files and will not be able to provide assistance for tampered source code files.

Can I still get updates after my tech support package expires?accordionArrow

Yes, depending on the package you purchase, we'll give you an update.

What should I do after my tech support package expires?accordionArrow

You can hire our team and contact them for further information.

When will the free technical support period start?accordionArrow

The free technical support will begin on the date of your purchase.

What is included in the tech support?accordionArrow
  • Help you with text changes
  • Help you with color changes
  • Help you with the static content translation (for a maximum of 3 languages and 2 iterations for each language)
  • Clarify your questions
  • Bug fixing (If it’s critical, we will give you a time frame to fix it. Otherwise, we will include the fixes in our updates)
What is not included in the tech support?accordionArrow
  • Issues in your local machine installation
  • Reinstallation of the script
  • Issues in Git due to not following the instruction
  • Issues in modified code or if customization is done by you/your team
  • Any custom changes which would need additional development efforts
How can you contact our technical support team?accordionArrow

Following your purchase, you can only contact our technical support team via email and they will not be available for calls.

What's the response time of our technical support team?accordionArrow

Our tech support team will respond to all your queries via email based on the queue.

It would take around 24 to 48 hours for our support team to respond during business days, based on the queue.

Is Wooberly RoadAssist customizable for my end?accordionArrow

Yes, Wooberly RoadAssist is a 100% customizable solution.

However, we can't provide technical support once the source code files have been tampered with. (After the modification of the source code from your side).

What is the difference between a single-domain and a multi-domain license?accordionArrow

A single-domain license can be used for one business in a single domain. Example:

The multi-domain license can be used for multiple businesses on multiple domains. Examples:,, and so on.

What is free installation?accordionArrow

After the purchase, we will set up the script one time on your hosting server without any additional cost. However, you may have to pay for additional installations.

What is the recommended hosting?accordionArrow

We highly recommend AWS & DigitalOcean and also it will work fine on any Ubuntu-based hosting servers.

Here is the minimum server requirement,

  • Operating System - Ubuntu 22.04
  • Storage - 50GB (Should be expandable)
  • RAM - 4GB (Should be expandable)
  • SSH with root user access

Note:The server should be plain.

The server should not have any configurations like Apache, any Database, etc.

We need just a fresh installation of Ubuntu 22.04.

What is free SSL Installation?accordionArrow

We can proceed with Let's Encrypt SSL (Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority).

If you wish to install another SSL provider, there will be an additional charge per SSL installation.

What is included in the Free Rebranding?accordionArrow
  • Web admin panel/ landing page theme color and font changes
  • Web admin panel/landing page favicon changes
  • App package name / Bundle ID changes
  • App name changes