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Ultimate Guide to Build Snow Removal App Like Uber

Ultimate Guide to Build Snow Removal App Like Uber

Interested to create a snow removal app like Uber? Read this blog to get to know the development process and the best solution that you can use.

Mohamed Natheem
Mohamed Natheem

Snow removal is one of the most tiresome tasks to do in the winter. People hate clearing the ice from their lawn, driveways on their own. Don’t you?

To make lives easier, many prefer on-demand snow removal companies to do their work.

Do you know that Calgary, a city in Canada, received almost 7,200 service requests for snow removal in December 2020 alone.

The Calgary Coun. Druh Farrell said "We are reluctant to pay what it takes to clear the snow.” [Source: Calgaryherald]

This incident portrays the need for snow removal businesses at large.

Most states have their own snow removal teams but personal and commercial spaces don’t. Here’s when the on-demand snow removal business comes into play.

In this article, we’re gonna discuss the development process of an on demand snow removal app like uber to kick start your business.

Before diving deeper into the development process, let us have an overview of Uber for snow removal apps. Are you ready?

On demand snow removal app Overview

Snow removal app is a convenient platform that connects the users with snow removal professionals easily. It provide opportunity for entrepreneurs or small business owners to start a on demand service business at ease.

Reasons why should you invest in creating snow removal app like Uber

As seen in the intro, there’s a huge demand for snow removal around the world. Hence creating a snow removal app benefits you in many ways, such as:

  • More business visibility
  • Better conversion rate
  • Build a strong brand
  • Ability to scale globally
  • Easy to market your business

List of key players in the market to get inspired

  • Plowz & Mowz
  • Touchplow
  • Shovler
  • Snohub

1. Plowz & Mowz

Plowz & Mowz offers on-demand snow plowing, lawn care, and other outdoor home services at an affordable cost. Customers can book services online or using their mobile applications.

2. Touchplow

Touchplow is snow removal app like Uber that connects people with experienced professionals. Touchplow offers no-long terms contracts, so that customers can use and book the services whenever they want.

3. Shovler

Shovler is the simple snow removal app that the customers use to book the services. Shovler offers it services all over the USA and some parts of Canada. It is available in iOS and Android platforms.

4. Snohub

Snohub makes snow removal easier than ever. Customers can book the services anytime, anywhere using their mobile application. Also, they can keep track of their order status.

Working of snow removal app like Uber

Before creating your own snow removal app, you should know the working process of it.

  1. Service request – The customer registers their profile on the app and books the service.
  2. Matching – The app matches the customer with the nearby service provider
  3. Approval and assistance – The service provider accepts the request and reaches the customer location to offer the service.
  4. Payment – The customer pays for the service via multiple payment methods available on the app.
  5. Rating – Based on the service quality, the customer leaves a rating and review to the service provider.

Monetization method

The monetization method for snow removal apps is the same as Uber. The business owner can set a commission fee for every booking that happens on their platform.

So how does it work?

After the service gets completed, the customer pays the service charge to the admin/business owner via mobile app payment method.

The business owner deducts some percentage of money from the service charge and transfers the remainder to the service provider.

The percentage of the amount that the admin collects will be the earnings they made from each booking.

Features to include in your Uber like snow removal app

Before creating any mobile application, you have to choose the features and functionalities to be included.

In the case of Uber like snow removal app, you have to choose the features for the customer and service provider apps.

Customer app features

1. Registration

Customers expect a simple registration process. The onboarding process should not take more than three steps. Also, providing registration via social media profiles can improve the user experience.

2. Safe payment options

Safe payment options help increase customer trust. Offering multiple payment options allows customers to pay using their preferred method. Payment gateways like Stripe provide a secure transaction process with 3D secure authentication.

3. Service selection

The Uber for snow removal app should allow customers to choose the service needed like snow removal, lawn care, etc. This makes the process of booking simple.

4. Service fare estimation

Including fare estimation in the feature set helps your customers know the approximate service fare before booking.

5. Push notifications

The details like request status, service status, can be received through push notifications. This allows customers to keep informed about the service.

Service provider app features

1. Registration

The registration process of service providers is a bit different from the customer’s process. Service providers have to upload the legal documents before offering the service. The app should have the provision to accept the documents submitted by the service providers for approval.

2. Payout options

Payout is one of the most important processes, as the service providers will receive their share to the selected payout account. The Uber for snow removal app should offer multiple payout options for service providers.

3. Routing

Route optimization helps service providers to know the cost-efficient route to the customers’ location.

4. Earning reports

Earning reports allows service providers to view the complete details of earnings they made from the platform.

5. Availability status [ON/OFF]

With this feature, service providers can change their availability status to active or inactive. They’ll receive service requests only if their status is set to active.

We’ve gone through some of the basic features that should be present in your on-demand Uber for snow removal app.

Now it’s time to select the most crucial element in mobile app development.

Any guesses? Yes, you guessed it right [or, maybe not], the technology.

Best tech stack that you can choose to create your snow removal app

With so many options available, choosing the best tech stack to build your mobile app can be a bit trickier than you thought. The percentage of the amount that the admin collects will be the earnings they made from each booking.

So here are some factors to be considered before choosing the best tech stack for your Uber for snow removal app development,

  • Your business stage [Startup, small business, etc.]
  • Your platform requirements
  • Complexity of the app
  • Features and functionalities
  • Scalability
  • Time to market
  • Development cost
  • Security

Concerning all the above factors, we can strongly say Flutter would be the right choice.

Why choose Flutter for snow removal app development?

  • Your business stage [Startup, small business, etc.]
  • It is scalable
  • Low development cost as it has a single codebase functionality
  • Faster time to market
  • Secure
  • Faster performance

Cost to develop an on demand snow removal app

The development cost of any mobile app depends on the following factors,

  • The platforms you choose
  • Complexity of app
  • Technology you choose
  • Features and functionality
  • App maintenance

So keeping all this in mind, the rough estimate will be around $30000 – $50,000.

That’s huge, right?

For a startup, investing such a huge amount of money on app development would be hard.

That’s why some software development companies are offering ready-made software solutions for startups and small businesses to get started.

Ready-made software solutions have all the core features that an app needs to run smoothly.

What can be the best solution that can help you start an on demand snow removal business now?

I’d say WooberlyHandyman.

WooberlyHandyman - Handyman app like Uber is a ready-made solution to create any on demand service app instantly.

It is created with the latest and powerful technology Flutter. And has all the core features you need to get started.

You can contact us via WhatsApp to get all the guidance you need to start creating your snow removal app like Uber.

So that’s it. We have gone through all the important things that you need to create your snow removal app like Uber with utmost confidence.

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