An entrepreneur's guide to create an Uber-like app for couriers [2022]

An entrepreneur's guide to create an Uber-like app for couriers [2022]

Hey, buddy! Looking for a guide that can help you create an app like Uber for your courier delivery business? Don't bother looking around. We're here to help!


Disclaimer: The term Uber is solely used for marketing purposes, and we are not associated with the mentioned company in any form. The source code and design of our products are fully owned by us. We are not using any of their copyrighted materials.

The first thing that comes to an entrepreneur’s mind when they hear the term on-demand business is Uber, as it was a game-changer in the tech industry.

A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs are coming up with Uber for X startup ideas. One such promising startup idea we would like to talk about in this blog is courier delivery business.

An Uber like courier delivery app is an on-demand app that allows shippers to hire a driver to deliver a courier or a parcel to people who reside in the local city.

This blog will show you how to use Flutter technology to create an Uber like app for courier delivery.

So, let's get started.

Market research

The first thing to do before starting any business is to perform complete market research. Doing comprehensive market research and having a clear business plan would help in understanding the target shippers and how big the market is.

There are many ways to collect information on the current market.

You can study by going through surveys, interviewing people from all walks of the industry, attending focus groups, and, most importantly, observing Shippers.

See your locality and interview to know about your business idea. Look at the current companies that deliver packages within the local town. Analyze how your business can capture a unique market.

By gathering insights, it will be easy to make sound business decisions.

Designing the courier app like Uber

Before we talk about designing the courier delivery app like Uber, let’s look at the internal process of the app.

In the courier app, there would be two types of users on the platform.

  • Shippers
  • Drivers

Let’s see the general workflow of the shippers app.

  • Shippers enter the package pick-up and drop location on the app.
  • The app fetches the drivers within the particular radius.
  • The Shippers select a vehicle suiting to the package they want to deliver and book it.
  • They get connected to the driver.
  • The driver comes to the pick-up location, collects the courier from the shippers, and transports the courier to give it to the person at the drop location.
  • The shippers pay for the delivery.

The general workflow of the driver’s app

  • The driver changes the status to online.
  • Get a request from the shippers.
  • Accept the booking request from shippers.
  • Pick-ups courier from the shipper’s pick up location and delivers to the person at the designated drop location.
  • Receives his share of payment.

According to this workflow, let’s conclude the user goals.

The User goals

The shippers who use the platform to transport packages and couriers within the local community.

  • It helps business people who want to deliver a package from their office to another place within the town.
  • It also helps older people who need a hand in shifting and moving.
  • It can be useful for people who want to send a surprise gift to their loved ones.
  • Sometimes people rent delivery people to transport packed boxes instead of calling packers and movers.

The key features to be included in the courier delivery app

While building the courier delivery app, these are the key features that make the app to function effectively.

In shippers app

Multiple vehicle options

Give Shippers multiple vehicle options to choose their desired one for transporting the courier safely to the destination.

Fare estimation

The platform estimates the fare based upon the number of miles, chosen vehicle, and the type of courier to transport. This estimation allows Shippers to choose their mode of transport.

Live tracking

The Shippers can track the status of the courier until it gets delivered to the person on the destination.

Multiple payment options

The Shippers can pay the ride using the wallet, credit, or debit card. They can choose their default payment from the list of many options.

Incall options

The Shippers can call the Driver using the in-call option present on the platform to explain their whereabouts.

Ratings and reviews

Shippers can rate the service and review them depending upon the condition of the package arrived at the destination.

Push notifications

Shippers can get live updates regarding the status of the booking and package delivery. They also get notifications regarding new offers and promo codes.

In Drivers app

Payout method

The Driver can add multiple payment methods to receive their share of fare after delivering the courier.

Driver’s availability

The Driver can switch online or offline at a click of a button. When the Driver is out to deliver the courier, they are online and go offline when they need a break.

Push notifications

Drivers receive push-up notifications when they get a request from shippers and when they receive their share of payment.

In-call option

The Driver can call the Shippers using the in-call option to know their exact location to pick up the courier.

Dynamic routing

The driver app provides the shortest route to the drop location when the Driver gets confused in deciding the route.

Google map navigation

The Google Map navigation guides the Driver to take the right direction to the pick-up location.


The Driver can see their total earnings and their weekly earnings in the app.

Choosing the tech stack

When it comes to developing a courier delivery app, we have two choices; Native mobile app development and cross mobile app development.

The traditional approach to developing apps is native app development.

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, gain more from cross-platform mobile app development.

Once the code is written, it can be used on any platform. In addition, as compared to native mobile app development, the development costs are significantly lower.

There are many popular tools you can prefer, such as Ionic, React, Xamarin, for courier delivery app development. However, the recently released Flutter is causing quite a stir in the developer world.

The Flutter gives the advantage of,

  • Developing a UI rich interface from a library full of widgets.
  • The Hot reload feature in Flutter increases the development process and, in turn, increases the time-to-market speed.
  • Flutter compiles the source code fastly compared to other tools.
  • Even though it is a newly released technology, companies like eBay, Groupon, and Alibaba are developing apps using Flutter.

Flutter can be the right choice for your courier delivery app development,

  1. When developing a courier app like Uber, the user interface is very crucial for both Shippers and Driver for booking and accepting the request. Flutter makes it easy for developers to design animations and visually appealing UI interfaces.
  2. It also takes less testing time as the whole source code developed from a single codebase.
  3. It also is the right choice to develop an MVP product to test your business idea with the targeted customers.

Readymade on-demand courier delivery scripts

Instead of building an on-demand courier app from scratch, you can customize the readymade on-demand software provided by web & mobile app development companies like us to your business requirements.

Wooberly - Uber clone is a ready-made on-demand platform that can establish any kind of on-demand business within a short time.

The script performance is faster and scalable.

  1. The user interface design is simple and visually pleasing.
  2. It comes with an elegant dashboard for owners to manage their business.
  3. Cost-effective compared to developing an app from scratch.

Wooberly is apt for courier delivery app development.

It’s time to wrap up

Building a platform that is relatable to your target audience takes effort and undergoes changes with new customer needs and changes in market demand.

In today’s world, where any service can be booked online, the on-demand courier app creates various business opportunities in the market.

Though it will be challenging at first to bring the Drivers and Shippers on board, it can benefit small businesses in the local area to reach more Shippers.

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