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On demand home services app development

Uber for Home Services: App Development [Cost + Features]

Want to develop an on demand home services app? Learn about the features and cost estimation.

Balaji Ramesh
Balaji Ramesh

It is no surprise that the internet has changed how we work and how we get things done. The way we travel, eat, and shop, all have undergone an enormous change because of the on-demand economy.

The on-demand home service market is large and is getting enormous day by day and it attracts over 22.4 million consumers annually. So, the demand for on-demand apps has surged dramatically, and creating an on-demand home service app is a great choice.

What is Uber for home services?

It is an on-demand household services platform where you can hire professionals for all your household activities in no time. With the help of mobile apps, you can hire electricians, plumbers, beauticians, carpenters, house cleaning specialists, etc. To summarize, you can hire a service provider for any household problems.

The on-demand home services app provides different services that make life easier for customers. Here are some on-demand services to leverage through Uber for home services.

  1. Gardening services
  2. House cleaning services
  3. Electrician services
  4. AC repairing services
  5. Carpenter services
  6. Pest control services
  7. Painting services
  8. Plumbing services
  9. Snow removal services

Some must-have features of on-demand home services app development

Uber for home services app provides a wide range of features for the customers, service providers, and admin.

Features of Customer app

Easy browsing:

Users should be able to find their services without any trouble. Providing various filters to filter the service providers based on cost, distance, and specialty would ease the process and improves customer satisfaction.

Instant Notifications:

Without, navigating to the app, customers can see the real-time status through push notifications. It allows customers to view the booking status, the progress of the task, and many more. Push notifications are very helpful while sending promotions and discounts

Fast bookings:

The user app allows users to sign-up using a phone number. After signing up, the users were able to book a service based on their requirements. This process should be hassle-free and quick in order to avoid delay in booking.

Order History:

It allows users to view the detailed history of current and past orders. This helps users to know the service providers’ name, date, time, and contact details anywhere anytime. With the help of this feature, users can reorder the services in the future.

Ratings and Review:

It really helps new users who are thinking about using certain services. The existing users can rate and review the services based on their experience with the service providers. Also, having a two-way review system will benefit both the users and service providers.

Multiple payment options:

Proving multiple payment options to users will be a great advantage of the on-demand home service app. Different types of people use different payment methods like Cash, wallet, card, etc. So it is mandatory to have multiple payment options in order to make the payment process simpler. Also, ensure the security of transactions through a secure payment gateway.

Features of the Service Provider App

Registration and profile approval:

The service provider app should have a simple registration process. Once the admin verifies all the documents, the service provider should be ready to work i.e accept requests from the user according to their specialty.

Real-time request:

The service providers should get the service request in real-time with a timeline to accept or decline the service. This allows the provider to accept the requests quickly and work on the next steps.

In-App Messaging:

In-app messaging allows customers to contact the service provider for any queries or clarifications. This feature solves customer problems in real time and it is a must-have feature.

Earnings Report:

This feature helps the service provider to view the earnings report based on weekly and total earnings.

Job Tracker:

A job tracker allows the service provider to track every stage of their job. It also allows them to pause the job and resume in between if needed.

Features of the Admin


The admin panel should have an interactive dashboard for the admin to manage everything on the platform. It gives them an overview of the operations that happen on the platform. Admin can track, analyze and display metrics of all sorts.

Manage payments:

Admin can set commissions and other payments from the admin panel. Also, the admin should ensure safe and secure transactions between users and service providers.

Manage users & service providers:

This feature allows the admin to manage users and service providers from the admin panel. The admin has the access to remove spam users from the platform. Also, the admin should verify the profiles of all service providers in order to prevent fraudulent activities.

Manage service category:

Admin can manage all the service categories that are available on the platform from the admin panel.

Manage Promo codes:

This feature allows the admin/business owners to create and manage promo codes from the admin panel. They can also send instant push notifications to customers along with the promo code.

Uber for home services app Development cost

It is very significant to analyze the cost of developing the on-demand app.

Are you curious to know the cost?

Here is the answer to your question,

First of all, before knowing about the cost, you need to know that there are many factors involved in the development process.

  1. Features - It’s obvious that the more the number of features more would be the cost. You will be in a position to pay more if you need to have more essential features in your application.

  2. UI/UX - One of the major factors to consider is the User Interface and mind-blowing graphics. User-friendly on-demand apps are pretty costlier.

Building an on-demand app from scratch takes a huge amount of cost and time. In order to avoid that, you can prefer a readymade script.

While you are all set to purchase a readymade script for your on-demand home services app, make sure to have the right technical partner by your side.

WooberlyHandyman - a readymade Uber-like handyman app that helps business owners like you to start an on-demand home services business like TaskRabbit.

Want to know more about WooberlyHanndyman? Schedule a meeting with our team and we can help you.

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