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How to start an online fitness equipment rental business using RentALL?

How to start an online fitness equipment rental business using RentALL?

Do you own or plan on owning an online fitness equipment rental business? Do you want to take your business online? Read through to know more!

Saaradha Senthil Kumar
Saaradha Senthil Kumar

With Instagram on tow, the fitness freaks 🏋️ are increasing day by day. Some adolescents in your neighborhood would want to take their fitness and beauty seriously and work-out.

With gyms closed and lockdown taking over the world, it is going to be hard to find the right equipment to achieve their fitness goals.

On the other side, gyms or even just people who hold work-out equipment that collects dust in the corner of their apartments can share their resources and earn out of it.

You will serve both of them, entering with a solution by enriching the gym equipment rental marketplace with your presence!

Do you own or plan on owning a fitness equipment rental business? Do you want to take your business online? Read through to know why and how you can make it possible!

Why should you take your fitness equipment rental business online?

  1. The added advantage of taking your rental business online is (🥁drum roll please!) – Business Expansion.
  2. You don’t have to use traditional methods to market for your business.
  3. Word of mouth travels at a faster pace with just one click in social media. Scenario: Imagine a fitness influencer books a piece of equipment from your portal and posts a snap on his/her social media tagging you! Voila! People start getting to know your online fitness equipment rental business and the word spreads.
  4. Making a user-friendly booking experience gives you an edge as an online rental business owner.
  5. Care about your end customer even after you connect with them, it goes a long way! You can express your care through the features and feedback you provide.

All these can be achieved when you take your business online and also you’ll get the attention that you and your business deserves!

What features can you include in your online fitness equipment rental marketplace?

When it comes to technologies, the basic expectations are its features and how beneficial it is.

Read further, to know about the features that you’ll definitely want for your marketplace.

Equipment owner and renter features

Multiple sign-in options

Allowing your end-users to sign-in using multiple login options is helpful. Including their social account, google account, and basic information feed to log in could increase the chance of them going forward with the registration into your portal.

SMS verification

To ensure the right kind of login processing with the details given by the users, it is essential to have an SMS verification system, connected with your registered phone number. For instance, Twilio is used in verifying the phone number of the user by sending a one-time password to the said registered phone number.

Language and currency switch

Providing multiple languages and currency options according to the location in which your target customers are residing could induce familiarity while using your online fitness equipment rental marketplace.

Fitness equipment rental website features

Platform’s home page banners

The look and feel of the web panel is everything, to begin with. Giving multiple sliding banners with captivating images and catchy description is essential.

Advanced search filters

Filter-based search enhances the search results and user experience while booking fitness equipment.

  • Filter based on the type of equipment, price, brand, availability, and discounts if it permits.
  • Filters based on weight-classes can also induce the newly working out people to try out renting.
  • Keyword-based filter options in the search bar are also a way to go.


Equipment availability within the surrounding area is also an added advantage while looking for equipment rental in and around the location.

A pop-up could appear in listed locations stating the price of that particular listing. That will give an estimate if the equipment fits within the renter’s budget before he/she gets to know more about the listing.

Instant booking:

This feature can be included for the end-user to book the equipment instantly without waiting for the equipment owner’s approval before renting. It can be added to increase the ease of booking experience.

Equipment owner based features

iCal integration

Calendar integration is to ensure that there is no clash in any booking. The booking calendar can be synced with any external calendars and also can be accessed with any other devices.

Seasonal pricing calendar

If the owner of the equipment feels like giving any special prices for special days or to mention whether the equipment is available or booked. He/She can always mention it while listing their equipment with your rental marketplace platform.

Payout method

The payout received by the owner of the equipment can be of multiple modes which gives him/her an option. Using a Paypal account and bank account could be feasible options to receive their payout.

Doorstep delivery or self-collect

The owner could give an option of either the renter wants to pick up the equipment by themselves or the owner could offer to deliver on the renter’s doorstep.

Renter features


If the renter wants to keep the equipment in a halt to rent it later he/she can wishlist it for future booking preferences.

Payment methods

The renter of the equipment can make payments using three options: through cash, Paypal account, bank account. It is to ensure that they book and pay for what they need at ease.

In-app message

The renter can message the equipment owner even before he/she plans on renting the equipment, just to enquire about the condition of the equipment and such.

Admin panel features

So far you got to know what you’ll be offering to your end-customers, it’s time to know what will you be controlling as the fitness equipment rental owner.

Manage all the users

You’ll be in control of both the equipment owner and the renter – their login information, listing details, booking details, and such. You can cover the end to end of business operations with your admin panel.

Review management

You can control the reviews given by the users (equipment owner and the renter) to each other and also you can rate & review the equipment owners.

Manage payout

As the one in charge, you can control making payouts to the equipment owner. The payout could be automated and you can hold the payout to the equipment owner if necessary. Remember, you are in control.

What are you earning from the fitness equipment online rental business?

As the admin of the marketplace, you’ll be receiving commission from the equipment owner as a service fee and the renter as a booking fee for every booking made on your marketplace.

Now you know what you’ll be needing when you take your rental business online and to help you with it, we present you with RentALL: A sharing economy script which can be 100% customized into anything you need for your online rental business to become a success!

We use the latest technologies like React, Express.js, GraphQL which will enhance the user experience!

Check out the features through working on a demo and take a look at our pricing chart. Pick the right fit for you!

Need Help? Don’t hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp.

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Saaradha Senthil Kumar

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