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Brands that use Flutter technology

7 brands that use Flutter for app development in 2023

Are you confused about what software development kit to adapt for your apps? We give you a few brands that use Flutter as their SDK!

Saaradha Senthil Kumar
Saaradha Senthil Kumar

When it comes to choosing a software development kit for building their apps, companies want the latest technology with more benefits. One such software development toolkit is Flutter.

The technology that the developers choose must fit all the sizes and forms of organization (small, medium, and large).

In this article, you’ll get to know a list of companies that chose Flutter to build their business apps to grow and thrive in the market.

You’ll also need to know they chose Flutter and what is so special about Flutter in 2023.

We have listed the top 7 companies that are adapting Flutter into their app development cycle.

Let’s jump in to know more!

What is Flutter?

Flutter is one of the most preferred UI software development toolkits launched by Google. It is a cross-platform framework used to build both Android and iOS apps using a single codebase.

Why do companies build their apps with Flutter?

Flutter is what most entrepreneurs prefer for their apps, as it pleases their customers and lives up to their expectations. These are the 5 core reasons why companies prefer building their apps using Flutter.

One codebase

The developers just have to work on a single code to build apps for both the Android and iOS platforms.

Build the best User Interface

A developer uses the widget library for the app’s material design and Cupertino to get an excellent User Interface output for the apps.


The process of using Flutter for app development is extremely cost-effective as the developers don’t have to write codes multiple times. It saves the development cost and time.

Quick testing

As we already discussed, the developer needs to write just one code for both Android and iOS. It reduces the testing time as the developers have to test just a single code.

Minimum viable product

Flutter uses ‘Hot reload’ which means the developers can visualize the issues being fixed as and when the changes are happening.

What is new in Flutter version 2.2?

Flutter was launched by Google on December 4th, 2018. Since then there have been so many developments and updates have been made in the software. Recently, Flutter version 2.2 has been launched.

Let’s jump into the top layered details on what is so special about it.

The Flutter v2.2 was released on May 18th, 2021 ➡️ Google I/O Edition.

Things to note

  • The Codelabs have been updated since the last release:
  • Adding in-app purchases to the Flutter app.
  • Dialogflow Essentials & Flutter is used to build “voice bots” for Android.
  • Firebase introduction in Flutter.

Other details

  • Important updates on DevTools memory view page.
  • Information on building adaptive apps and using Google APIs has been updated on a new page.
  • There is a new page on how to set up and use deferred components for Android.

Top 7 brands that use Flutter to develop their apps in 2022

These are the top 7 brands that are encouraging their developers in using Flutter to develop their apps in 2021.

1. Amazon

Amazon wants to be able to ease out the booking process using AWS (Amazon Web Services) for mobile apps. They want to integrate their AWS services significantly using Flutter.

2. The @ company

This company is striving hard to make data more secure and private to people on the internet. And they are following a valid protocol using DART language to easily integrate Flutter apps.

3. Nubank

Nubank is the largest bank in Latin America that engages in financial technological development. Now, they gave out a statement in 2019 – saying that they would like to rebuild their banking services app using Flutter.

4. Realtor.com

Realtor.com is a website that helps people to find homes through the listed houses. This is an online marketplace that eliminates the broker or real estate agent. Their website is a hit and they are introducing mobile apps to expand their users.

5. Homethrive

Homethrive is a care management and personal health assistance for elderly people. They are building a virtual support system for these elderly people and have invested $18 million to make it happen.

They are planning on building an app for the caretakers and emotional caregivers to converse with the elderly through video chat.

6. Toyota

Toyota is building the next-generation infotainment systems for their vehicle using Flutter as their software development toolkit. These are the main three reasons for Toyota to consider Flutter to build their product that gives our core customer value proposition.

  • Flutter has a quicker iteration cycle that can be leveraged for a better customer experience.
  • Flutter allows developers to engage in cross-platform and multiple platform developments.
  • Flutter has a higher performance even in constrained environments.

7. HERE technologies:

HERE technologies help with navigation portal, location, and mapping services. They want to concentrate on features such as interactive gestures (like zoom in and out, flick and pan), 2D/3D zooming, and street or satellite view.

So, all this can be possible if only the maps are integrated and they chose Flutter.

Why wait? There are enough reasons for you to opt for Flutter to develop your business!

We ourselves used Flutter to develop our amazing on-demand products Wooberly, an Uber clone script, and WooberlyEats, an UberEats clone script.

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Saaradha Senthil Kumar

Saaradha is a former content writer at RadicalStart. She helped aspiring entrepreneurs digitize their business through thoroughly constructed blogs on booming business ideas and technology.