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How to figure out the best technology to build a taxi app like Uber?

Building a sustainable business solution is a high priority for any entrepreneur. And when you start a business like Uber, the care and concern exceed limits.

You will need a lot of support to choose the best technology to build a taxi app like Uber.

In this article, you’ll get to know the best technology in the market to develop your taxi app, a few reasons why you should be choosing the same, and most importantly getting introduced to a ready-made solution that surpasses all your expectations!

What is the best technology used to build a taxi app like Uber?

We strongly recommend using Flutter, a cross-platform software development kit created by Google.

Flutter is an independent technology used to build mobile apps and website solutions. It is preferred to develop powerful full-stack and back-end apps for your business.

Flutter is not a programming language. It is a toolkit with pre-written codes which are ready to use and utilized to build innovative UI & impeccable UX.

What are the advantages of using Flutter?

Why do we keep insisting on using Flutter technology for developing a taxi app like Uber?

To answer this, we have listed a few competitive advantages of using Flutter for your taxi app development.

These are some of the advantages of using Flutter;

  1. Flutter works on a single code base, which means the development team can build both the Android and iOS apps using a single code.
  2. Flutter reduces the development and the testing time since the development team has to use just one code to build both apps.
  3. Flutter uses an open-source 2D graphics library known as Skia. This helps the development team to be creative, use highly advanced UI designs, while building your taxi app.
  4. The hot reload feature allows the development team to quickly view the effects of their changes without reloading the whole app.
  5. The cost of development reduces, since the number of developers, the duration of development all lessens.

Do you need more reasons why you should be opting for Flutter? Read further to know more!

Why is using Flutter the best choice you’ll make for your business?

  • As an entrepreneur, your primary concern will be with hiring more than necessary. But when you plan on using Flutter for building your taxi app like Uber, then you needn’t hire skilled developers for Android and iOS separately.
  • Flutter has ready-to-use widgets - Material (Android) and Cupertino (iOS). It speeds the development process, is more reliable, and is flexible, when working with animations.
  • Google implements constant updates of Flutter for the developers to have something new to try out every now and then. Flutter developers can use the newly launched plugins to build apps.
  • There is a community of Flutter developers, who support each other with tools, tricks, and development-related queries - which means there is a high chance for your team to be engaged and implement something new to give out the best output possible.
  • Flutter has its own rendering engine, which means it doesn’t depend on web browser technology while building mobile apps.


Did you know that we used Flutter to develop - Wooberly, an Uber clone app?

Wooberly is a ready-made solution for any on-demand business!

We build our on-demand applications using Flutter and it is the best choice we ever made for our customers!

Our customers are running a successful taxi dispatch business with our 100% customizable and scalable solution!

We have a dedicated team to answer all your technical questions - contact us via WhatsApp or drop us an email at [email protected]

Let us help you realize your dream!

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