App development using Flutter technology

Why do we use Flutter to build our on-demand apps?

This article aims to draw your attention towards the overall benefits of Flutter for on-demand app development.


Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform development tool created by Google. It helps in developing robust, scalable mobile applications, for multiple operating systems using a single codebase.

We chose Flutter for on-demand app development due to the benefits it offers such as, eye-catchy designs, faster time to market, faster development, scalability, etc.

This article aims to draw your attention towards the overall benefits of on-demand apps built with Flutter.

Few interesting statistics regarding Flutter

As per report, Flutter apps on the Play Store have increased from 50,000 to 90,000 and nearly 2 million developers are using Flutter monthly for their development process.

Flutter is the second leading language in 2020 for developing cross-platform mobile applications.

According to the survey conducted by Stack Overflow, Flutter is the third most loved frameworks, libraries, and tools.

By seeing these reports, it is clear that Flutter has a huge demand in today’s tech world,

Let’s look at the top five credible reasons why on-demand apps are trending,

  • Extensive income potential
  • Unlimited business opportunities
  • Offering instant services
  • Faster and secure payment options
  • Increases scalability

Why Flutter is the best choice for on-demand app development?

Let’s start knowing the benefits of Flutter for on-demand app development,

1. Easy to develop and test

Code is written once and can be reused again on different platforms. Hence, it reduces the overall development time without any lack in performance.

Due to a single codebase, testing will be done on one platform instead of testing the app in different platforms. Hence, there is no need to spend extra time to test the app separately on both platforms.

2. Easy to write the code

Flutter allows the developers to make changes in the code and see the changes immediately. It only takes a little time to add new features, and fix the bugs. It is because of the feature available in Flutter called “Hot Reload”.

3. Availability of plugins

When it comes to developing an app using Flutter, a wide range of plugins are available that make the development process much easier and seamless than ever.

4. High performance

Flutter has the capability to offer top-notch performance due to the usage of Dart programming language. Programs written in Dart tend to run faster and reduce the errors when compared to non-flutter apps.

5. Expressive UIs

Flutter is built with plenty of libraries and tools including material design, cupertino widgets, rich motion APIs and so on. It makes the app more user friendly and also easily customizable.

How much does it cost to build an on-demand app with Flutter?

Developing an on-demand app in Flutter helps in reducing the overall cost without affecting the performance.

Similarly, the cost of development depends on various factors including the complexity of the app, features, functionalities, design, and maintenance of the app.

Developing an native apps costs higher when compared to developing apps in Flutter as it needs separate developers for each platform. But, Flutter costs lower due to its single codebase.

Have an idea to develop an on-demand app?

If you want to create your on-demand apps with Flutter, then you are at the right spot! We’ve built our on-demand apps with Flutter due to its numerous benefits.

Showcasing our readymade on-demand apps built with Flutter

Wooberly – It helps entrepreneurs to begin their on-demand taxi booking business within a short interval of time. Wooberly can also be customized to match on-demand solutions like massage, laundry, home services, healthcare, tutor, tow truck, bike taxi and so on.

WooberlyEats – It is a customizable UberEats clone script that helps entrepreneurs to launch their own food delivery business at a faster rate. WooberlyEats can be customized to match solutions are grocery delivery, alcohol delivery, fruit delivery, coffee delivery and so on.

Feel free to check out our product demo at,

  1. Wooberly demo

  2. WooberlyEats demo

Perks of choosing our products for your on-demand app development

  • Easy customization
  • Free white labeling
  • Free server installation
  • Offers multiple payment gateways
  • Support multiple languages and multiple currencies
  • Affordable for all kind of businesses
  • Easy to operate
  • Free app submission


Developing mobile apps with the right technology can help you in a great way and offers you many benefits.

Then, why wait? If you get ready to launch your on-demand apps with Flutter, then do get in touch with us today at

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