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UI & UX in Rental App Development

The Importance of UI & UX in Rental App Development

Discover the impact of UI & UX in rental app development. And learn how to create a seamless rental experience for your users. Let's get started!

Mohamed Imran
Mohamed Imran

Mobile apps turn out to be essential in our daily lives. From the past decades to now, we are more used to the app ecosystem.

So, it's significant for businesses to consider creating better UI & UX design for their apps.

Not only rental, but now every business needs to have their app presence before their users.

Also, you can sell your product or service through them.

Moreover, the app plays more than that!

Users receive a notification, can utilize promo code, and gets a personalized message experience from the app. And the admin can manage all the possible tasks.

From a small enterprise to a large one, the app experience enhances the businesses to build relationships between them.

Apart from the main topic (Importance of UI & UX design) for the rental app, we will see the guide on How to create better UI/UX for your app.

Moreover, we will see the top apps in terms of user experience.

For that, let's stick with me to the end😇

What is the User Interface?

The user interface could be anything. Besides, it is how your user interacts with the content. That includes buttons, text, images, and layout.

These are the part of the element that users engage. So, it is vital to present the user with the required content.

Collectively, the design and app layout must have to be easy to navigate. And it is possible with intuitive buttons and icons.

Some of the key elements to consider:

Navigation - includes tabs, a header, and menus that help the user navigate to find the information they need.

Input controls - include buttons, check fields, checkboxes, and other elements that allow users to give input data.

Output element - includes text, images, and elements that display output content to the users.

Consider the following features while creating your rental app. Thus, it helps enhance the engagement of both the host and guest of your platform.

Then, what is User Experience?

UX means the user experience with the app throughout the entire journey. It involves the design and how it responds when the user gives any input.

The primary goal of UX is to make the app convenient for the user and gives a sense of pleasure to engage.

Then, how to improve?

Try to focus more on creating a well-designed user interface and better navigation. The motive should have to design a straightforward application.

But before creating a better UX for your Rental app, do your user research and usability testing.

Tips to Improve the UX 💯

Personalization: Allow the user to customize the experience to their preference. Like, as giving the option to change dark mode, font size, and languages.

Frequent updates: Upto the user feedback, gives regular updates that match their expectations.

Test your app with users: Feedback from users can find out issues and can sort out before the launch.

Keep your design simple: Avoid clutter and unnecessary elements in the design. Thus it encourages the users to engage and stay longer.

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Effective UX design for your Rental app

For instance, imagine whenever the user interacts with the app. What do you need from them?

Conversion or impression🤔

It is better to expect the impression cause it is what matters the most.

The first impression of your user holds whether they would engage or not. Thus, creating a worthwhile UX is much needed for your rental app.

Let's have a look at how to create one.

Search tab and filter: Make sure to add the search and filter option for the user. So that they can search for whatever they need. It includes the search tab, location filter, filter by no of bedrooms, and price range.

Clear information about the property: Add a section that describes the overall property of the host. Like, as the description and high-quality images of the property.

Simple booking process: The booking process should be as simple as possible. That is how the property owner gets quick conversion(bookings) and also you(the admin).

Give the user a clear summary of booking details and make them book directly through the app.

In-app messaging: Give your user the power of in-app messaging. It gives a communication medium for users to communicate, ask questions, clarify doubts, and do so.

User-friendly payment gateway: Make the payment process easy and secure. It gives a sense of security and eventually builds trustworthiness.

Personalized experience: Allow the user to view their recent searches and recommend a property by that. It can create a more personalized user experience than any of that.

These strategies create an effortless experience for your user and help to attract and retain new users. Additionally, it increases the probability of your success with the Rental platform.

Rental apps that hold the top at UI & UX


Airbnb UI & UX focused on making the booking process smoother for users. While opening the app, you find the listing that matches your interest and location.


The messaging system allows the user to communicate with the host before and during the trip.

The app has an easy-to-use calendar that allows checking the date availability.

Finally, the simple booking process makes it easy to book and proceed payment process.


Booking.com is one of the largest travel industries in the world. They offer a list of services from budget-friendly hotels to expensive resorts.

The users can search for their destinations, travel dates, and the number of guests using the search bar on the homepage.


And the result displays a list of properties like price, location, and customer reviews. The user can filter their search result based on the criteria.

Finally, the booking process is simple, with clear instructions and a total cost breakdown.


Sonder is well-known for short rentals and apartment rentals. It was founded in 2014 by Francis Davidson, Lucas Pellan, and Martin Picard.


When you open the app, the search bar on top allows you to search properties based on various cities. When you select a city, it will display specific locations, and then you can proceed with the booking process.

Aside from the search bar, the home page displays popular locations, property types, and some properties based on budget.

End note

Your UI & UX can break or make your app experience. While developing your Rental app, consider the note that we discussed earlier. Your user engagement is the foremost priority.

Yeah of course!

We'd like to add one more thing.

Earlier, we mentioned some of the best UI/UX rental apps. That is entirely based on our own perception and doesn't hold any universal truth.

And if you want to develop a rental app with interactive UI & UX designs, check out our product RentALL Airbnb clone.

I hope, you all understand what we said in this blog. And it’s time to say goodbye 👋

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