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milk delivery app development

Complete Guide on Milk Delivery App Development? [ Cost + Tech Stack]

Let’s get to know the scope of the milk delivery app development, shall we? Also, we included a BONUS tip at the end of this article.

Saaradha Senthil Kumar
Saaradha Senthil Kumar

You must be smart to be surfing about this particular business idea! 🤓

A milk delivery app is a trending business opportunity that is gaining market attention.

The number of people who want their food, groceries, and other essentials to get delivered to their doorstep with a click on their smartphones is increasing tremendously.

And as an aspiring businessman, these golden business momentums have to be embraced.

In this article, you'll get a lot of crucial aspects of creating a milk delivery app and getting started with your business.

Read it, get inspired, and start your venture NOW! 💪

What is the milk delivery mobile app?

The milk delivery mobile app connects the customers and the milk stores via an online platform. It allows customers to order fresh milk and other dairy products from local dairy farms or businesses.

The milk delivery orders made by the customers are delivered by the delivery partners.

The business model of a milk delivery app development

To start the app development process, you should first understand the business structure that will engage and leverage all end-users presence.

The aggregator business model is widespread in the market if you plan on starting an on-demand delivery marketplace business.

This business model will help the users and the service providers to find each other under one platform.

You (admin) will be provided with a web panel where you can manage the entire business operations.

The revenue stream of a milk delivery app development

The most preferred revenue stream is the commission-based revenue model, which enhances the performance of the aggregator business model.

Here's how the commission-based model works,

  • When the customer pays for the service, they pay additional fees for using the platform as a service fee and a delivery fee.

  • The total amount paid (including fees) will be received by the admin, who will then transfer the funds to the delivery partner and shop.

  • But, before doing that, the admin will charge a commission fee for both the delivery partner and the store.

These commission fees (from the customer, delivery partner, & the store) would be the earning amount of the admin.

The admin can set a percentage for the booking fee, delivery fee, and store service fee separately using the admin panel.

What are the core features to include in the online milk delivery app?

These are some of the features that can be included in your online milk delivery app;

User features

  1. Advanced search filters
  2. Wallet option
  3. RTL language support
  4. Order notes
  5. Contactless delivery
  6. Add-ons

Delivery partner features

  1. Simple registration
  2. Online/offline toggle
  3. Payout (receive the earnings)
  4. Navigation with geo-location
  5. Order management

Milk store features

  1. Customizable menu
  2. Set operating hours of the store
  3. Modifiers group for items
  4. View earnings report
  5. Print-receipt

Admin features

  1. Manage all users (users, delivery partners & milk stores)
  2. Manage sub-admins and delegate privileges
  3. Give out promo codes for users
  4. Automatic payout facility
  5. Manage admin earnings

Click here for more exciting features and its working nuances

What technology is used to develop an online milk delivery app?

The technology you choose to build the app decides the factors such as time & the cost of development, scalability, customizability, etc.

We suggest you use Flutter, a cross-platform software development kit that helps the developers build multiple functional web and app solutions.

Why should you consider using Flutter for your milk delivery app development? 🧑‍💻

  • Flutter uses a single code base, which means the developers needn’t type codes for two platforms - Android and iOS separately.
  • The hot reload is one of the highlights of Flutter, where the developers can make changes in the code and watch them work in real-time instead of rebooting the whole application to see the changes.
  • Dart, the programming language used in Flutter makes the development process simple. The developers have enormous control over the code formatting, and the numeric enums and have cleaner codes.
  • The testing time has reduced significantly since Flutter has the hot reload feature.
  • The app maintenance couldn’t be easier when your milk delivery app is built using Flutter.
  • The widget library for iOS (Cupertino) and for Android (Material) gives a different look, and app layouts feel the difference for both.

Cost to build an online milk delivery mobile app 💰

You can’t know the best price without comparing two kinds of solutions,

Creating an app from scratch might extend the development time and process.

Usually, it takes $20,000 to $70,000 to build a milk delivery app solution from scratch with an additional $40 per hour on labor charge. (That can’t be within your budget if you are just starting!)

The cost of procuring a ready-made on-demand solution will be around $5,000 including the white-labeling charges.

If you plan on customizing more features & functionalities (apart from the endless list of features they provide!), then $25 per hour is charged as labor cost.

What can Wooberly SuperDelivery do for your on-demand milk delivery business?

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