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How to develop an on-demand packers & movers app?

How to develop an on-demand packers & movers app?

Are you planning to own an online marketplace for packers and movers? How about owning an packers and movers app? Read to know more!

Saaradha Senthil Kumar
Saaradha Senthil Kumar

The lifestyle changes of the target audience have to be embraced by the businessmen. To stay competitive in the market it is essential to adapt to the changing needs of the consumers such as owning on-demand packers and movers app.

But when you start an Uber for movers and packers business, it is important to be futuristic about the plan.

This blog is to give you an intangible feel as to what you should be expecting your packers and movers business would look like if you take it app-based.

What is Uber for movers and packers?

Have you heard of an on-demand marketplace?

The answer to the question is, taking your business online where you connect the service providers and the users who are in need of the service. You’ll be the admin who will manage the platform.

This business model can enhance the performance of your traditional method of operating the business.

Why invest in packers and movers app development?

These are the few reasons for you to know why you should be investing in a packers and movers app development if you don’t have one.

According to census.gov;

  • A person who lives in the USA moves an average of 11.7 times in their lifetime.
  • 3 million people move interstate in the USA and 9.3% of the US population move every year.

Let’s take a look at this image to know the stats on the types of moves.

Now you might get a clearer picture of why investing in an app could multiply your revenue.

What would be the business model of Uber for movers and packers?

When it comes to online presence of your business – mobile app development seems to be the highly favourable option. You’ll need a proper business model to launch an app.

The basic business model would be to own an aggregator model – Meaning: You get to serve as a connecting factor between the service providers and the users using a simple to use marketplace platform.

As the admin of the on-demand marketplace, you’ll be in charge of everything. Starting from checking whether the users are legit to handling the payouts for the service providers.

What could be the revenue model of the aggregator business model?

In the end, it is all about the earnings as an admin of the on-demand marketplace.

The commission-based revenue model is popularly working for the aggregate business plan. The earnings of the admin will be reflected in the fare amount as a commission.

The commission will be added to the user’s payable amount for the service and deducted from the service provider’s receivable earnings.

Features of the Uber for movers and packers:

Users app Service providers Admin panel
One-click signup: The users can sign up for the app by just registering their phone number and receiving an OTP to verify their registration. Registration: The Service providers will be giving their phone numbers for registration. An OTP will be generated to the number. This is used to avoid fake registrations. Manage categories: The category of vehicles is managed by the admin. The admin can change the status from active or inactive according to the function of the service provider.
Multiple categories: The users can choose from multiple vehicles according to their convenience. Service provider’s status: The service provider can switch between online or offline to indicate to the users whether they are in service or not. Manage bookings: The admin can oversee the service provider’s booking status.
Wallet option: There is a wallet option for the users to pay for the services. The users can use their card to add money to the wallet. It is one of the safest modes of payment. Bookings tracker: They’ll have an overview of their past and current bookings to keep track of. Auto payout: The auto payout option directly gives out the earnings of the service provider. And if there is any need to hold the payout, then the admin can manually hold it out.
Schedule the service: The user can schedule the service well in advance. Cancellation reason: The service provider can choose the reason for cancellation from the list of options available. And a notification will be sent to the user. Geo-Fencing: The admin can manage as to what surrounding can the service provider and the users enroll in their platform through an inbuilt map.
Fare Estimation: The user will be able to see the fare estimation before booking a particular moving service. It helps them to decide whether it comes under their budget or not. Push Notification: The service provider will be receiving a push notification for every activity – booking request, cancelled booking, etc. Manage Notification: The admin can send the push notification to the user or the service provider or both.

How will we assist you?

To enjoy all these features you’ll have to get to know the software solution that makes this all possible!

Introducing, Wooberly, a Uber clone app built with Flutter that can be customized to create packers and movers app.

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Saaradha Senthil Kumar

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