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Create a dog-walking app like Rov

How to create a paw-ket-friendly dog-walking app like Rover?

Learn how to create an on-demand dog-walking app like Rover and help hoomans to take care of their dogs during their absence. Keep reading!

Saaradha Senthil Kumar
Saaradha Senthil Kumar

This article is a part of our guide for non-technical entrepreneurs on creating an app

Finding scope in what you love makes running a startup more fun. One such exciting and fun business idea is to start an on-demand dog-walking business by creating an app like Rover.

In this article, you will learn about the market status of the pet industry and a step-by-step guide to creating a dog-walking app like Rover.

And in the end, we have included a special note that’ll give you clarity in choosing the right development team to help you with your startup!

Let’s dig in!

What is an on-demand dog-walking app?

An on-demand dog-walking app connects the dog owners and the people who are willing to walk dogs or dogsit them for a charge. These end-users are monitored and managed by the platform admin (you).

The platform owner will be the admin who oversees all the operational functions of the business using a simple-to-use visual dashboard.

The statistical performance of the pet industry

The pet industry is growing at an exponential rate. Dog-walking has a special fan base amongst the population, and the estimated growth is up to $202.6 billion in 2025.

The pet industry is growing at an exponential rate. The dog-walkers earn an average of $5000 with a 30 to 45-hour shift per week.

The number of service providers is substantially increasing in the US as it’s an easy way to earn some pocket money.

People spent an average of $110 billion on their pets in just 2021. Therefore, there is no scarcity in the number of users too.

Since we saw all the possible growth stats, it’s time you understand that it’s a smart business choice!

What is Rover and how does it work?

Rover is the top on-demand dog walking app in the market with extensive features for both dog owners and dog-walkers.

The Rover takes up only 20% of the potential dog walkers who apply to the platform. They have ‘The Rover Guarantee’ that attests the dog-walkers on safety and friendliness parameters.

The business model is the aggregator business model. The services they provide are house sitting, dog boarding, and drop-in visits.

Let’s learn more about these types of services

  • House sitting - The dogs are taken care of by the dog sitters in the dog owner’s house.
  • Dog boarding - The dogs are taken to the kennel, house, or residence of the dog sitter and taken care of until the dog owners come to collect them.
  • Drop-in visits - It is where the dog sitters come to visit the dogs in the dog owner’s residence.

These are some interesting facts to know about Rover and its functions.

Step by step guide to creating an app like Rover

1. Business and revenue model

The business model that works best when it comes to creating an on-demand dog walking app is the aggregator business model.

The core motto of this particular business model is the ability to connect the users (dog owners) and the service providers (dog-walkers & sitters) under one platform.

The revenue model that helps you manage this specific business model efficiently is the commission-based revenue model.

A commission is charged to the users (dog owners), and the admin will distribute the earnings to the service providers (dog-walkers).

A part of the commission goes to the admin earnings.

2. Features to be included in your on-demand dog-walking app

The features and functionalities ensure the user-friendliness of the app. It enhances the performance of the app and highly contributes to customer retention.

Always make informed decisions when developing an on-demand dog-walking app for your business!

User app (Dog owners)

  • The one-step registration process with phone number.
  • Advanced search filter based on price and service category.
  • Schedule the services.
  • Pay through the wallet option.
  • Communicate to the service provider via an in-app chatbox.

Service provider app (Dog-sitters or walkers)

  • Receive prompt push notifications.
  • Changing the language of the app.
  • View the earnings report.
  • Adjust the service availability through service status.
  • Keep track of the bookings.

Admin panel (Owner of the platform)

  • Manage the users and the service providers.
  • Delegate responsibilities to the sub-admins.
  • Booking management.
  • Geo-fencing to activate your platform in a particular area.
  • Automatic earnings distribution option.

And more exciting features and functionalities have to be included in the app to keep the end-users interested for a long time!

3. Tech stack used to build the on-demand dog walking app

Now there are ready-made on-demand apps that are built using an agile cross-platform technology called Flutter. It was created by Google and there are exciting updates and plugins on a regular basis.

Let’s learn a little bit more about Flutter

  1. Developers use a single code base to build both the Android and iOS versions of apps.
  2. The development and testing time reduces 3X when Flutter is used to build your on-demand apps.
  3. The hot reload feature in Flutter helps the developers to simultaneously look for issues and fix them.
  4. The cost of development is 5X lesser than building with Native technology.
  5. The developers have the space to be more creative in the UX & UI.

And there’s always more to learn!

4. Cost of developing an on-demand dog-walking app like Rover

The cost of developing an on-demand dog-walking app like Rover can be a simple and effective one-shot process!

It takes 7 months or more when you choose to build your Rover-like app using Native technology.

So long? The market is on boom NOW and you should be able to launch your business immediately!

What’s the solution that’ll help you achieve your plan?!

How about getting a ready-made solution that’ll help you white-label it in a short period? Sounds feasible, right?

A 100% customizable, ready-made solution that expands as your business grows is a strength. All the features and functionalities are thoroughly market researched based on the customer expectations.

When you opt for a ready-made on-demand solution, you can save up to $30,000!

How’s that for a surprise?

Want to know what on-demand marketplace solution has all these features and other advantages at a meager cost?

Get to know WooberlyHandyman, an on-demand service marketplace solution!

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Disclaimer: The term 'Rover' is solely used for marketing purposes, and we are not associated with the company in any form. The source code and design of our products are fully owned by us. We are not using any of their copyrighted materials.

Make hoomans happy by creating a dog-walking app like Rover!

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