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Launching your App using Readymade App Solution - 2024

Launching your App using Readymade App Solution - 2024

Launching an app is an effortless process compared to custom development. Know the top to bottom of a readymade solution.

Mohamed Imran
Mohamed Imran

When you wish to develop your mobile app; what strikes your mind? Developing it from scratch?

But that’s a long process.

I’m talking about the custom development.

Don’t look any further. If you’ve looked for this topic or landed here from somewhere else, you know what to expect.

Coming to the context, apart from opting for custom development, you have another option called the ‘Readymade app solution.’

If you’re not used to this term, let me do the explaining work for you.

If you know what a readymade app solution is, skip this section and move on to the next.


What is a readymade app solution?

Let’s take the word ‘readymade.’ what do you think of it?

It says it is readily available; thus you can use it right away.

If you ask for the more clearer explanation, the readymade app solution is a pre-developed web and mobile application.

All you need to do is customize it further if you like and launch it to the market.

That’s all.

We have seen more about its explanation.

Let’s get away from here and see how the Readymade App Solution helps your business.

The Benefits of a Readymade Solution.

1. Speed

You don’t have to invest your time in the years of development. That was the case before years.

Readymade app solution saves those years from the development process.

Imagine this: when you approach any provider; let’s say you have purchased the solution.

If you don’t need any additional customization; with some white labeling and testing, your app can be launched for your user.

2. Cost-effectiveness

It’s the main driving factor.

$5,000 VS $60,000.

What would you choose? The first one or the second?

The motive is not to devalue the custom development. However, it is not a go-to option for every startup.

A readymade app solution since its pre-built nature offers a cost-effective alternation.

So this has been the easy alternative for startups.

3. Reducing the Risk

The risk I mean is the complexity involved in the custom development.

A pre-built solution, on the other hand, is one that's already developed, tested, and proven to function effectively.

All of its features and functionalities have been thoroughly tested and experienced.

The Process It Takes for the Launch

1. Customize

After the purchase, you can white-label the solution to sound your brand.

This includes changing the logo, content, and design. Some providers even offer this service for free.

If the white labeling isn’t enough, you can opt for additional customization services.

You can do this if you have the requirements of adding new features, functionalities, and more.

2. Test

After the white-labeling or the customization process, the app goes through rigorous testing.

It ensures that all the implemented new features and workflows are working well.

If the QA gives a green flag, it moves to the next process.

3. Launch

You’ll get a free app launch, meaning they launch your app on the App Store and Play Store without charging you.

So you don’t need to spend time and money on launching it.

Disclaimer: We’re not sure that you’ll get this ‘free launch’ from every provider.

How to Search for’em?

Finding the readymade solution in the search engine.

Let’s say you want to build a taxi booking app. Think of the well-known business in this business.


Open up any browser and search for Uber + the word ‘clone’ and that’s Uber clone.

Hit ‘enter.’

Now you can find many results on the results.

Don’t be skeptical, that’s probably a readymade app solution you are looking for.

That’s all.

This is how you find it.

And you can use this method to find any other solution.

In other instances, what if you are looking for a pre-built Handyman app?

Then search for Thumtack or TaskRabbit + clone, and you’ll find several solutions.

Then, How to Choose the Best App Solution?

We have seen its benefits, process, and how to find it; but we can’t ignore this section.

In the end, it’s all about finding the best solution.

That’s where we are!

To choose the best provider or solution, you need to…see below.

1. Check the Reputation

After you see many results for the solution, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed.

But here’s the tip. Check for their reputation and let this factor be the first one to filter the list.

For that, you can see their portfolios and reviews on Google or other sites.

This helps you to understand their reputation better.

2. Transparency

Transparency means no toxicity.

Some providers can pull you through pricing and sales moves; but when it comes to transparency, they heavily lack.

It’s the fact that you need to face it.

What do I mean by transparency?

Check whether they’re open to the pricing plan and what they offer.

If something feels fishy, just take a step away from that provider and save yourself.

3. Features and Functionalities

The third filter.

Before making a purchase, you need to experience the app first.

By doing this, you see the app from the user's perspective. So you get a clear view of the features and the app workflow.

Moreover, you can judge better whether you have the better features and functionalities.

Get started

Whether you choose any industry, there’s a higher chance you could find a readymade app solution.

Though, I can’t assure you that.

If you’re a startup, struggling amid a lack of time and investment, a readymade solution is surely a better choice.

Before doing it, do your comparison of the readymade solution and a custom development.

This makes you clear on which ways suit best for your business.

If you find it hard to find the best provider for a readymade solution, let us introduce RentALLscript.

We’ve been in the industry for more than 7 years and have the batch of served over 500+ clients.

No more other words on promoting ourselves.

Let’s take your time exploring our website.

If you find any product that matches your requirements, test the demo app, and proceed further if you like it.

In a nutshell, it’s more about your money and time.

So invest in wherever you feel WORTH it.

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