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Healthcare industry and it's technological advancements

How is the healthcare industry enhanced by technological advancements?

Have you ever thought about how the healthcare industry has technologically advanced? You should be! Read to know more!

Saaradha Senthil Kumar
Saaradha Senthil Kumar

We see a lot of industries adopting into the technological era, and the healthcare industry seems to be no different. There are a lot of up-and-coming businesses that are very much eager to test the waters on technology in healthcare.

In this article, you’ll be getting to know - what is an online healthcare marketplace platform, how the healthcare industry has changed and is enhanced by technological advancements.

More importantly, you’ll get exposed to new business ideas with examples that involve technology in the healthcare industry.

Why wait? Let’s get going!

What is an online healthcare marketplace?

The online healthcare marketplace platform is where the end-users and the service providers meet under one roof.

Let’s say the end-users are the patients and the service providers are the pharmacists/ doctors/ caregivers- these two are connected under an online marketplace platform where the goods and services are delivered to their doorsteps by the delivery partners.

This online marketplace platform is managed and controlled by an admin (the owner of the platform). They make sure that the listings in the platform are legit, their details are cross-verified, the fees are collected properly and distributed to the service providers promptly.

Where to introduce an online healthcare marketplace in the industry?

1. Telehealth

Telehealth is like a normal online marketplace that connects doctors or other medical health technicians under one roof. It is beneficial for the end-users as they don’t have to crack their brains trying to find legit and safe experts in the search engine.

2. Supply aggregation

Healthcare is not constrained to mental and physical health diagnosis and prescribing medication. It can also be service-based such as teeth whitening, mole correction, tattoo removal, beauty shots - botox and fillings, etc.

Why not help users connect with legit technicians who are in need of work?

That is when you implement a healthcare platform like this and earn a commission out of it.

The advanced filters can be applied in the app to help the users find the right kind of technician for them to help with their ailment.

Why is there a need for technological advancements in the healthcare industry?

These are the four core reasons why the healthcare industry will be needing technology to evolve and keep up with the changing needs of the customers.

1. Openness
The medical stores, medicine practitioners, etc will have a chance to easily collaborate and contribute within a platform. The online platform will serve as a connecting factor between the service providers and the end-users.

The needs of the end-users will be immensely satisfied and how they produce the product.

2. Convenience
With ‘hyper life’ consumers it is going to be hard to maintain life as it is. These platforms will help the end-users to have a comfortable life.

Creating a healthcare industry platform with seamless operations, impeccable user experience, and customer beneficial features will be convenient for the end-users.

3. Data utilization
When there is an online marketplace platform, obviously there is going to be data. The data from the users will add to the futuristic goals of the business growth.

The data can be utilized to assess the current performance of the business, and can also help to estimate the performance of the business in the near future.

4. Connecting
The whole purpose of the healthcare platform is to connect people who have needs and the people who can aid them. As the owner of such a healthcare marketplace, you’ll be managing the business and the users.

Let’s take two aspects of connecting people:

  • Connecting a set of pharmacies within a specific geographic location and the people in it who need the medicine. (Product delivery based platform)

  • Connecting physicians or nurses from a geographic location and the people who need care. (Service delivery based platform)

Top 3 business ideas in the healthcare industry using technology (With examples)

These are the top 3 marketplace business ideas to implement in the health care industry.

1. On-demand medicine delivery app

The on-demand medicine delivery app is connecting pharmacies with the end-users who require medicines to their doorsteps.

As there is a pandemic situation all over the world this could be a very potential business opportunity to explore. Including the contactless delivery services could also induce more people to use your platform during necessities.



RiteAid - A leading on-demand pharmaceutical app in the USA. They have a single-step registration with multiple categories of services for the end-users.

These are some of the services that are provided in the on-demand platform.

  • Purchase medicine and health products.
  • Issue vitamin supplements and other diet & fitness products.
  • Buy beauty products.
  • Opting for immunization services.

2. Medical health practitioners consultation app

The booking service of the medical health practitioners is also another way of starting an on-demand platform in the healthcare industry.

The practitioners can list their services and the time slots in which they are available - the end-users can book the services according to their convenience using the app.



Doctor on Demand is a classic example of telehealth - they connect medical health practitioners and the end-users.

They provide virtual care for the patients and the admin of the platform will be earning based on the bookings and the time slots etc.

3. On-demand caretakers and nurses

The home health caretakers can be connected with just a click away through apps. People or elders who need care are very well connected through these apps. The end-users have multiple features to check out and it is one of the convenient ways for searching for help.



Connectteam is a leading on-demand help facility in the world. They have streamlined communication facilities, and have digital compliance standards to follow before booking for their services.

The features are very user-friendly and on-trend to the current circumstances.

Well, this is enough information to understand how technology in the healthcare industry is advanced. And how people don’t have to wait to get help from practitioners and technicians.

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Saaradha Senthil Kumar

Saaradha is a former content writer at RadicalStart. She helped aspiring entrepreneurs digitize their business through thoroughly constructed blogs on booming business ideas and technology.