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6 benefits of space rental

6 Benefits of renting a space for business

The benefit of renting a space for business is that allows you to instantly access a well-structured place without getting into the hassle of investing in a property.

Balaji Ramesh
Balaji Ramesh

The way we work has changed a lot. Even before the pandemic workers were becoming less connected to their traditional office space 🏒. For years excitement about working remotely πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» has been growing wider. This pandemic accelerated the buzz even more and the works are already in progress.

Renting spaces provides the opportunity to work in a new environment for a change and it helps the workers to work from a desk near their home 🏑. Flexible or short-term leases are helping freelancers to navigate an uncertain business landscape without the hassle of long leases, by still enjoying the benefits and amenities of a fully-equipped office space.

Space renting allows anyone to book a workspace with zero commitments and on short notice. If you are a traveler with frequent trips πŸ›«, a freelancer in need of space to meet clients, or simply need a break from the many distractions of working from home renting space all for yourself will allow you to stay productive no matter the circumstances.

1. Networking Opportunities

When you are working amidst various like-minded people the chance of building a strong network increases πŸ“ˆ.

In these coworking spaces, there will be a lot of people with similar mindsets and interests that will allow interactions that benefit the business. One can also find potential business partners or investors in these places to upscale your business.

Interacting with many people will not only bring knowledge but will open a new path to success. If you ask any businessman or higher position executive about their success in the industry you will hear one common thing which is connections. You can gather the benefits of a well-connected network only by shifting to a coworking space.

2. Considerable boost to productivity, creativity and efficiency

The cubical mindsets are getting replaced by working in a new environment or new space. A feel good atmosphere plays a vital role in maximizing the outputs, new startup life is nothing short of a roller coaster ride πŸ“‰. Sometimes it may uplift you or make you feel down at rough times. Sharing the spaces with individuals who are facing the same challenges as you will help you in overcoming this and shows a path to success.

This is one of the major benefit that you can gain from the space rental.

3. Flexible Working hours πŸ•“

Most people do not like to work from the office because they have fixed working hours. Different people are productive at different times of the day. Renting spaces gives you the freedom to work at a convenient time. People can book a space according to their will and comfort. In this way, working becomes more fun and productive β›·.

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4. Saves Money πŸ’°

For startups with small teams renting spaces for working is cheaper than a proper office. The best part is that the space is already furnished with all the amenities hence there won't be any need to get the furniture and other equipment for setting up the office. This saves a lot of money πŸ’΅.

5. Flexibility In Leasing option

You need not have to end up on a five-year contract. To accommodate startup companies they tend to ask the space rental providers for multiple leasing plans. You can pay on a monthly basis, daily basis, or even an hourly basis! The best part is you always have the option to change if you are not interested or bored 😎.

6. Amenities

Foosball tables, billiards, and gaming consoles are a small part of the perks that are associated when leasing a shared space. Access to lounges and a chill-out area are major attractions that entice startups to shift to such a setup.

If you are trying to set up a relaxation 😌 room at your own cost, then the realization of receiving these perks for free would kick you hard!

Get started with your business!

If you are looking to start a space rental business, you need to have space that you can use as a property 🏀.

You need to have a website and mobile apps for people to have a look and to know more about the listings and book them according to their convenience.
You can either hire a team of professionals or go with a ready-made solution which helps you to get into business in no time.

We have developed a ready made space rental solution called as β€œRentALL Space”

RentALL Space is a white-label solution and it is customizable according to the customer’s requirements.

In Closing

We have seen the benefits of the space rental business and how it helps the workers.
Also if you want to know about RentALL Space, please drop an email to [email protected] or ping us on WhatsApp.

Start your space rental business with us!

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