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What is an Amazon clone? A Definitive Guide!

What is an Amazon clone? A Definitive Guide!

Do you know about Amazon clones? Whether you are looking to launch an e-commerce app or just want to know about it - Read this straightforward guide.

Mohamed Imran
Mohamed Imran

What is an Amazon clone?

What exactly is an Amazon clone and what do you get out of purchasing it?

Well, all your queries will answered here.

Starting with Amazon clone - it is a readymade app solution that helps entrepreneurs launch their e-commerce web or app.

If you don’t have any clue about the readymade solution, then know about readymade solutions and custom development.

It helps you know what each way is and how it differs.

Unlike custom development, an Amazon clone is a pre-developed app, therefore, it is cost-effective and can be launched easily.

Who this Amazon clone is for?

It is for those entrepreneurs looking for an alternative way for custom development and, at the same time planning to launch their Amazon-like platform sooner.

Amazon clone comes with…

Exciting as I coming to your point?

To cut the answer short, it comes with a buyer app, a vendor app, and an admin panel.

However, not everyone needs a mobile app when they’re just starting out.

Luckily, some providers offer a web app itself and this means you’re purchasing what’s necessary and saving money at the same time.

There’s also another case after all, if your business comes across its initial phase, where you would like to offer a mobile app, then purchasing both could be a wise decision.

Before choosing either way, repeat your requirements within, like what you want, and let the voice be a deciding factor.

Top Amazon clone features you need to check?

1. Sign-up/ sign-in

This functionality is a common yet must-have one for every web and mobile app to onboard the verified user to the platform or to filter spammy users.

Amazon clone that comes with the buyer and vendor app, which involves the active user participants must need this feature - to make the platform enrich with the right users.

2. Multi-language and multi-currency

Imagine this: The buyer and the vendor are offered the convenience of switching between their preferred currencies and languages.

Apart from the convenience it has, this feature is the basic one to have in your Amazon clone.

3. Shopping cart

The buyer doesn’t directly place the order, they go on a search for several products and place it on the same cart.

Coming to the ‘Shopping Cart,’ which lets the buyer transfer any product to a shopping cart and allows the buyer to ‘Proceed to checkout’ through a single page.

4. Multiple addresses

Let’s get back to the place where we were real users ordering a product via an e-commerce platform.

While ordering, we won’t type the address manually each time, we save the work or home addresses and select it when placing the order.

This is how the user experience is enhanced with the ‘multiple addresses’ feature.

5. Admin dashboard

This is important since it's more to you.

The admin dashboard comes with an admin panel that gives you a glimpse of what is happening in your e-commerce business.

Like the number of buyers, and vendors using your platform, and the number of active products created for days, months, and in total.

The functionality and the content that appears can vary from each Amazon clone.

To cut the long story short

Here are the essential features you need to check on each app and the admin panel.

Buyer app or web

  1. Search field
  2. Payment method
  3. Order details
  4. Your address
  5. Edit profile
  6. Change password

Vendor app or web

  1. Dashboard
  2. Manage product
  3. Payout management
  4. Manage profile
  5. Change password
  6. Manage orders

Admin panel

  1. Manage buyer
  2. Site settings
  3. Manage seller
  4. Manage product
  5. Manage category
  6. Manage order
  7. Manage canceled orders
  8. Manage payout
  9. Manage currency

What are the Tech Supports you can expect?

1. Free white labeling

It is the process of customizing your Amazon clone to sound your business.

To mention some: the process includes changing brand logos and images and changing the color theme.

2. Free app submission

If they offer you an app, you’re eligible to get this free offer.

What does it mean?

After purchasing the Amazon clone, the provider will submit your app for free on the App Store and Play Store.

3. Support after app rejection

It is the same as the previous one.

If the app gets rejected from the App Store and Play Store after the initial deployment, you’ll get a free re-submission from the provider side.

And there are some other tech support that comes along with the Amazon clone.

To know that, check their pricing plan and access what each plan offers.

After you’ll get every you need - like the other support and updates you can get.

Note: The offer mentioned above isn’t universal for every provider and it differs.

Wrapping up!

Whether you’re here to know the definition of “What is an Amazon clone?” or have the intent of purchasing an Amazon clone, I hope you find what you searched for.

If you’re in the purchasing intent, as said before, you have a choice(custom or readymade solution) and a web or a mobile app.

Both can be a better option in their own case but your requirement should have a considerable impact on choosing one.

Maybe, you’re just paving your way into the e-commerce business, and you don’t want to invest in a mobile app, then consider an Amazon clone which comes with a web panel

Or if you prefer a mobile app and want to digitize your business this way, then look for a provider who offers both web and mobile apps.

Get to know how our Amazon clone helps you!

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