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Create an app like UberEats

How to Create a Food Delivery App like UberEats Within $5000?

Planning to start an on-demand food delivery business? Firstly, you have to know how to create a food delivery app like UberEats that’ll help you excel in your venture!

Saaradha Senthil Kumar
Saaradha Senthil Kumar

The food delivery-based market is rising endlessly and people would welcome new changes in the industry. Are you eager to start a business like UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and more?

Let’s get inspired by them and start your own online delivery business by creating a food delivery app like UberEats!

Wonder how? You just got lucky! Read this blog further to learn more about the simple steps of creating a food delivery app like Ubereats for an on-demand food delivery business.

What is an UberEats?

UberEats is an online food delivery platform with an exciting business model that connects users with restaurants and provides a user-friendly ordering and delivering experience.

This business model is adopted by many app development companies by cloning UberEats for entrepreneurs to start their own on-demand food delivery marketplace business.

The UberEats connects the users and the restaurant owners and gets the food delivered to the user’s doorstep with the help of delivery partners.

Furthermore, shouldn’t you be knowing the industrial performance of the UberEats clone app to contemplate the business idea further?

How UberEats works?

Let’s get to know the workflow of the UberEats;

  • The users can use the app to find nearby restaurants after giving their current location. Then, choose the food items from the menu, select add-ons for the items necessary, and place the order.
  • Once the users place the order, the restaurant will receive the order in their web panel, where they have to accept/reject the order based on their availability.
  • After the order is ready, the restaurant owner will click on the ready for pickup button.
  • Once the ready for pickup button is clicked, the order will be allocated to the nearest delivery partner for pickup.
  • The delivery partner will have to accept the order, then they’ll receive the order details and the map indicating the restaurant address.
  • Once the order is picked up from the restaurant, the delivery partner’s app will show the address and contact details of the user in their app.
  • After the order gets delivered, the delivery partner can rate the user.
  • And simultaneously, the user can rate and tip the delivery partner for their services.

How to create an app like UberEats?

As the future owner of an on-demand food delivery marketplace, it is essential for you to know the specifications in creating an app like UberEats.

Let’s learn, then invest!

1. Business and revenue model to consider

The aggregator business model is considered to be the apt form of operational function in the on-demand food delivery business.

This particular business model helps in connecting the users with the restaurant owners and the delivery partners get the food delivered to the customers’ doorstep.

The commission-based revenue stream complements the functions of the aggregator business model. A commission is charged towards the customers’ bill and the earnings of the delivery partner and the service provider are distributed by the admin of the platform.

The admin earnings are included with eater service fee, delivery partner service fee and the restaurant service fee.

2. Features & functionalities to include in UberEats like app

These are some of the notable features to include in your food delivery app like UberEats.

User app - (Eater)

  • Use an advanced search filter to get nearby restaurants.
  • Pay through the in-app wallet.
  • Choose between contactless delivery options.
  • Use promo codes to get discounts.
  • Select add-ons for items in your order.
  • Give out order instructions using order notes.

Driver app - (Delivery partner)

  • View earnings report on a weekly basis and total earnings.
  • Use an online/offline toggle to notify the driver’s activity.
  • Drivers can give ratings to the users.
  • Drivers can translate their app into Arabic using RTL support.
  • Drivers can add multiple bank accounts to receive their earnings from the admin.

Restaurant panel - (Service provider)

  • Restaurant owners can set operating hours for the restaurant.
  • The preparation time can be set by the restaurant owner.
  • The restaurant owner can set modifier groups for each item or the whole menu.
  • The restaurant owner can manage the orders. (accept / decline)
  • The restaurant owner can check and manage the complete and future transactions.

Admin panel - (You)

  • Admins can make automatic payouts to the delivery partners and the restaurants.
  • Admins can manage all the users (users, delivery partners, and restaurants) using separate tabs.
  • Admins can manage the promo codes given to the users.
  • Admins can set and manage the cuisine that has to appear in the users’ app.
  • The admin can set and manage the service fee for the users, delivery partners, and restaurant owners in the platform.

What is the best technology used to build an app like UberEats?

Using a cross-platform technology like Flutter can help you enhance the performance of the food delivery app that you create for your business.

Flutter is an open-source software development toolkit created by Google. It is efficient in building desktop and mobile apps with existing code. Flutter is an amazing resource to build 2D apps for both Android and iOS.

  1. Developers can work with just one code to develop both Android and iOS apps.
  2. The hot reload feature in Flutter can help the developers simultaneously view and fix the issues in the apps.
  3. Flutter has different widget libraries for Android (Material design) and iOS (Cupertino) which makes the UI of your output more creative.

And there are much more benefits in using Flutter in creating an app like UberEats - majorly the testing and development time is 3X lesser than using Native technology.

How much does it cost to develop an app like UberEats?

The cost of developing an app like UberEats can be of many factors, but mostly it revolves around the;

  1. Time of development.
  2. The technology used to build the app.
  3. The team that you hire to make your work simpler in starting your on-demand food delivery business.

If you choose to work with an internal tech team that builds apps from scratch, it’ll cost from $20,000 to $70,000, with a $40 per hour labor charge.

Though there are major advantages to hiring your internal team - the cost of acquiring and maintaining them could cause a dent in your budget even before you start your business.

But if you plan on choosing ready-made solution providers, the advantages are endless and economical.

The cost of acquiring the solution will cost a maximum of $5,000 with an amazing customizable facility, 100% source code in your hands and mainly - the tech support will be like warm support for you!

If at all you want to include more features and customize them according to your liking an additional $25 per hour is charged as labor cost.

Now, it’s time for you to choose what fits you best!

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Are you convinced about starting an on-demand food delivery business? Confused about choosing the best solution in the market to start your business?

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1. What is WooberlyEats?
WooberlyEats is an on-demand food delivery marketplace platform that can be customized into any on-demand delivery platform according to your business requirements.

2. What is the cost of acquiring a ready-made UberEats clone app?
The cost of developing a ready-made UberEats clone app like WooberlyEats costs $5000 to the maximum including the white-labeling charges.

Note: Further feature customization and UI-related changes will cost an additional cost of $25 per hour.

3. What is the best technology used to create an UberEats clone app?
We recommend Flutter, the cross-platform software development kit created by Google.

4. How to get in touch with you?
Ping us on WhatsApp or drop us an email at [email protected]. We are at your service!

Let us help you create an app like UberEats

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