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Develop an Uber for Plumbers App [Key Features and Solutions]

Develop an Uber for Plumbers App [Key Features and Solutions]

Learn on demand Uber for plumber app development with key features and solutions. Explore the benefits of the plumbing service app.


Do you have an idea of creating an app for plumber, but aren’t sure where to start?

Well, this blog is for you!

If you are thinking about investing in the Uber for x clone apps, there are few things that you should know – how an app functions, the key features to include, and the best software solution to get started with your on demand business journey.

In this article, let us explore all the essentials you need to know about creating an on demand plumber service app.

How is an Uber for plumber app beneficial?

As per statistics, the global on-demand plumbing service market is worth USD 869.95 billion and it is growing at a rate of 52% during 2018-2022.

This is why we recommend you to consider starting an online plumbing business.

How Uber like app for plumber function?

  1. The customer logs in to the app after filling in all the necessary details.

  2. They select the service, enter their location, and send a request to the plumbers who are closest to their location.

  3. The plumbers may accept or decline the order depending based on their availability.

  4. If they accept the request, a notification will be sent to the customer about the plumbers’ details and their current status. Similarly, the plumbers are given details about the customer.

  5. The plumbers reach the customer’s location, provide service to the customer, and receive their payment at the end of the service.

  6. The customers can pay for the service via multiple payment modes available on the app.

  7. Both the plumbers and the customers provide their ratings and reviews based on their experience.

Features to be included in the on demand plumbers app development:


1. Multiple payment options:

Having a variety of payment options on the app allows the customers to easily pay for the service by using their preferred payment options.

2. Real-time tracking:

Customers can monitor plumbers’ exact location and estimated time of arrival using the Google map navigation available in the app.

3. Review & Ratings:

Customers can rate and review the plumbers based on their overall service experience after the service gets over.

4. Schedule a booking:

Customers can schedule their bookings at a particular time and date based on their convenience.


1. Auto payout:

The auto payout option allows the platform to transfer the payout automatically to the particular plumber after the service completion. The admin, on the other hand, can hold the payment based on the customer’s feedback.

2. Manage bookings:

This option assists platform owners in keeping track of all the bookings made on the platform, such as service status (completed or cancelled), plumbers and customers’ details, and so on.

3. Manage admins:

Admin can add and manage sub-admins on the platforms by assigning specific privileges.


1. Online/offline status:

The plumbers can toggle their status offline and online based on their service availability.

2. Booking request:

The plumbers can view their service history using the platform. It assists the service providers to view the entire booking details such as status of the bookings, payment mode, and so on.

3. Payout method:

Plumbers receive payments for their service in terms of payout. They can add multiple payout accounts and set any one of them as default. They receive the earnings in their default payout account.

Ready to explore more advanced features of plumber app?

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How on demand plumber app generate revenue?

  • The platform owner receives a commission fee for every transaction that takes place on the platform.
  • The fee will be collected from both the customers and the plumbers.

The cost of developing a plumber service app like Uber:

The cost of developing an app for plumber similar to Uber is determined by factors such as features, tech stack, complexity, and working hours.

You can either create your Uber like plumber app from the ground up or design it using the help of readymade software. In comparison to the latter, creating software from scratch requires more time and money.

If you want to create an app using a readymade script, then consider WooberlyHanydman - readymade Uber for handyman app – a fully customizable on demand solution that allows you to launch your business quickly into the market.

Why choose WooberlyHandyman over other ready-made solutions?

  • You will get 100% source code.
  • A complete white-label solution.
  • A script that can be used by businesses of any size.
  • Covered with all essential features.
  • Use of latest technology – Flutter.
  • Completely scalable.


Hopefully, you’ve learned everything you need to know about creating a successful on demand plumbers app.

So, how long are you going to be waiting?

It’s time to put your on-demand business plan into action. Get started with your on demand plumber app development. For assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or you can get in touch with us via WhatsApp.

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