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How much does it cost to develop the Uber for medicine delivery app?

You as an entrepreneur have to make extensively excruciating decisions to start your business. And we wish to reduce your burden to a quarter by giving you advice on saving the cost of developing an Uber for medicine delivery app.

All you have to do is read this short yet precise blog on making the best of owning an on-demand medicine delivery app.

What is Uber for medicine delivery app?

Uber for medicine delivery app is a marketplace medicine delivery platform that aids entrepreneurs to launch their medicine delivery marketplace platform.

The medicine delivery platform connects the customers with the pharmacy stores, where the items are delivered with the help of a delivery partner. All these end-users are monitored and managed by the admin of the platform.

Factors that influence the cost of developing an Uber for medicine delivery app:

The business owner in you has to know the factors that influence the cost of developing an Uber for medicine delivery app. This means you’ll have to learn to manipulate those factors in the best marketplace solution for your startup.

  • First and foremost, there are two kinds of development processes - developing a marketplace solution from scratch and purchasing and customizing a ready-made solution.
  • Secondly, the technology you use to develop the medicine delivery marketplace has to make your development process quick and effective.
  • The features and functionalities that you plan on employing in the on-demand medicine delivery app have to be of superior market standard and induce user-friendliness for the customers.

Now it’s your turn to think hard about these factors and try to work around them to save money from your startup budget.

How to figure out the best development process to save cost for launching an Uber for medicine delivery app?

When you build your Uber for medicine delivery app, you have to know these two scenarios that aid you with making the most cost-efficient decision for your startup.

Scenario 1:

For instance, let’s assume that you plan on developing an Uber for medicine delivery app from scratch by hiring a development team.

The market rate for medicine delivery app development from scratch starts from $20,000 to $50,000. You have to pay an additional cost of $40/hour for customization.

These development teams you hire might choose the Native technology, which contributes heavily to the time and cost of development.

Scenario 2:

The second instance would be choosing a ready-made, 100% customizable, and scalable on-demand marketplace solution that is built with superior cross-platform technology - Flutter.

The development team reduces 2X when they opt for Flutter for developing the medicine delivery app.

What more could go your way when you plan on purchasing a ready-made solution that can be white-labeled for just $5000 (maximum)?

The features and functionalities are of an uncompromised market standard that’ll help you reach a wide range of customers.

If you plan on customizing/adding more features to your platform, an additional labor cost of $25 per hour is charged.

It’s more economical than developing a medicine delivery app from scratch!


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