Today’s world is ever-changing with the help of on-demand businesses that have altered the means we tend to look, shop, or interact. The main reason behind this growth is people expecting everything at their fingertips while not waiting much.

Undoubtedly, the on-demand business has created our lives easier. People have developed their need to urge everything at their doorsteps with the high standard in minimal time.

Hence the expansion of on-demand business is increasing day to day with an enormous profit and customers. According to the report, the on-demand industry is enthralling nearly 22.4 million customers every year. The on-demand taxi booking business comes up with 7.3 m monthly customers and $5.6 billion in annual spending.

The success reason behind the on-demand business is getting everything at their fingertips, easy accessibility, real-time tracking feature, deliver real value for money, easy affordability, and so on.

If you are considering stepping into this on-demand industry, then start your own on-demand taxi booking business and ready to shine with the best Uber clone Flutter,

Why choose Uber clone for your on-demand taxi booking business?

Starting an on-demand business with Uber clone is an amazing way to earn more revenue and attract many customers to your taxi booking business. It provides numerous advantages like,

  • Easy to customize and highly scalable
  • Use of the latest technologies
  • Fast to market
  • Short span time
  • Affordable cost
  • Provide crucial features

Why Uber clone be built in Flutter?

Uber clone app in Flutter has the ability to deliver high standard solutions with scalable performance. Do you know what flutter is? If not, let’s have a quick look at it. 

Quick intro 

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit to build both Android and iOS applications using a single code base. It helps in speeding up the development process by reducing the cost and complexity of developing the apps. At the same time, Uber clone Flutter produces unimaginable results within an affordable cost. There are many reasons and benefits to choose Flutter for Uber clone. Below are some of the top notch benefits listed,

Top notch benefits of using Flutter for Uber clone

  • Single codebase
  • Speedy development
  • Easy testing
  • Appealing UI
  • Reduces development cost and time

1. Single codebase

Flutter offers a single code base to build both Android and iOS applications. It automatically reduces the development cost and time as it uses the same code for both Android and iOS applications.

2. Speedy development

The Hot reload feature in Flutter allows the developers to see the changes and able to correct within a fraction of seconds without restarting the whole process. Thus, in Uber clone Flutter, it helps to increase productivity and makes the development process much faster.

3. Easy testing

The process of testing made simple with Flutter, hence it requires only one app to test due to the single code. Thus it provides better and faster performance with bug-free applications.

4. Appealing UI

Widget library built of both Material design and Cupertino helps in creating a responsive design with stunning UI. This feature in Flutter enhances Uber clone app to offer a smooth experience for the users.

5. Reduces development cost and time

Flutter reduces the development cost and time when compared to other frameworks as it requires the same set of code for both Android and iOS platforms.

To learn more about Flutter and its impeccable features, visit the site

If you are curious about starting your own demand taxi booking business, then buy our best in class Uber clone script with the latest technology Flutter.

So what’s our best on-demand solution like Uber? It’s Wooberly, a custom made taxi booking app like Uber. 

Create your own on-demand venture with Wooberly – Uber clone

Wooberly is the readymade solution that helps entrepreneurs to start their own on-demand taxi booking business within a short span of time. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology Flutter, top-notch features, end to end exclusive support available in Wooberly.

How Wooberly – Uber clone app Flutter sets you on top?

Wooberly is unique because of its features. Let me tell you about some unique features of our Uber clone app built with Flutter,

1. Smooth registration process

The registration process will be smooth by Twilio SMS gateways that send verification code via SMS. This process for confirmation thus eliminates the fake users.

2. Multiple payment methods

Multiple payment methods will be easy for both rider and driver. Riders will have multiple payment options to pay for their ride via card, cash or wallet. It also helps the driver to receive their ride fare from the riders.

3. Live tracking

The live tracking feature in Wooberly – Uber clone helps both driver and rider to track their rides and also the exact current route. This enables riders to know the driver’s exact location and ETA.

4. Multi-language

Wooberly supports multi language option for both the driver and rider. Languages available in Wooberly are English, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, French and Russian. Information as well as notifications will be provided in their preferred languages for both rider and driver.

5. SOS assistance

Wooberly offers SOS assistance for riders to get help in case of any emergency. The riders has the option to share their trip’s current location along with driver’s car number to their emergency contacts or call 911 for assistance. This feature in Wooberly is mainly for a safe and secure rides.

6. Stripe 3D secure

Stripe SCA with 3D secure authentication is available in Wooberly for safe and secure transactions. During online transactions, it helps to verify the credit and debit card. After entering the card details to make a payment and get redirected to the new pop up window immediately for an authentication.

7. Push notifications

Getting real-time updates from both the rider and driver regarding their trip details. It helps them easier to know better.

8. Ratings and reviews

This feature in Wooberly – Uber clone is for both rider and driver. It helps them to share their ride experience with the particular driver and rider based on their ride experience.

To learn more about creating your own ridesharing app like Uber built with modern technology Flutter.

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