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5X user experience guaranteed with these features in your taxi app

A taxi app requires a certain set of features and functionalities to enhance the user-friendliness of the platform.

Developing an on-demand app with market standard features is what you should be expecting from a software development team.

And that’s exactly what your customers would want from you.

Want to explore exciting taxi app features for your startup!? Here you go!

Importance of having user-friendly features in your taxi app:

Know the importance of having features that make your taxi app seamless!

  • Having the latest and well-thought features in your taxi app can increase the number of users of your on-demand platform.
  • A feature-rich admin panel can help you manage the business effectively and accurately.
  • Word of mouth is important. Satisfied existing users will become your brand advocates, which will help you grow your business.

Top 15+ features and functionalities to include in your taxi app development process

These are some of the exciting features and functionalities that could be included in your taxi app.

We have split up the features according to the user and how it’ll benefit them.

Rider Features:

1. Fare estimation

The fare estimation is shown below each vehicle category once the pickup and drop locations are selected.

It’ll be comfortable for the riders to choose their ride option using the fare estimate shown in the app before booking the ride.

2. Wallet option

The wallet option is one of the digitized forms of payment methods that don’t require the rider to leave the app. The rider can top-up money in the in-app wallet using their debit/credit card information.

3. Multiple stops

The riders can add extra two stops in addition to their drop-off location using the multiple stop feature.

4. In-app chatting

With this feature, the rider can communicate with the driver to give details about the location or any other information – they can either call or text their drivers.

5. Schedule a ride

The riders can now ‘Schedule rides’ by just giving the date and time in which they’ll be needing a ride.

6. SOS assistance

The riders can add emergency contact information in the taxi app. It includes 911 and the other emergency contacts of the riders’ choosing.

The vehicle number and the rider’s current location are automatically sent through an SMS.

Driver Features:

1. Driver status

The driver can change their availability status. It will indicate whether the driver is accepting rides or not. If the driver is offline, the ride request will be automatically transferred to the next nearby driver.

2. Earnings report

The driver can view their earning report - weekly and on the whole, since they started using the on-demand platform. This helps them have a track of their earnings.

3. Push notification

The driver receives a push notification for each and every activity that happens within the platform and also receives notifications from the admin.

4. Dynamic routing

Dynamic routing helps the driver to find the shortest route to the rider’s location. It also calculates the estimated fare and estimated time of arrival for all the shortest possible routes to reach the destination.

5. Trip details

The driver has access to the past and current ride details such as the distance, pickup and drop location, ride fare, etc that he has taken up.

Admin Panel Features:

1. Booking management

The admin is obliged to oversee the number of bookings, the details of the rider, and the driver of the particular booking.

2. Geo-fencing

The admin can fix the geographical location within which the platform should function. This helps the admin to focus their services based on the particular demographics.

3. Automatic earnings distribution

Manually paying off all the drivers on the platform is next to impossible. Having an automatic system can enhance the process of distributing the earnings to the drivers.

4. Manual dispatch:

The manual dispatch helps the users who don’t know to use smartphones. The admin can use the manual dispatch feature to make instant bookings or schedule rides on behalf of these users.

5. User management

The admin of the on-demand platform manages both the riders and the drivers of the platform. This overseeing ensures that the platform is used by legit people.

6. Sub-admin management

The admin of the on-demand platform can delegate their responsibilities to the sub-admins. The sub-admin feature helps admins to allot roles and specific responsibilities to the sub-admins.

Wrapping up:

These are some of the features that you should be thinking of implementing in your taxi app business as it makes your platform more progressive, convenient, and accessible.

And also, all these features and their functionalities are available in our ready-made taxi app solution called Wooberly. It is 100% customizable and scalable, all and more at a very affordable cost!

If any have any more questions, you should contact our technical team via WhatsApp or drop an email at [email protected]

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