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4 Questions to ask before choosing a taxi app development company for your startup!

Starting an on-demand taxi business is easy now if you choose the right kind of taxi app development company that supports the process of your business and enriches your business performance.

Now let's look at some of the crucial elements to consider when selecting a taxi app development company that aligns with your organization's goals, standards, and strategies.

Let’s get going!

How owning a taxi app can help your on-demand taxi business?

These are some of the core reasons why owning a taxi app will help your on-demand business.

  • Having an online presence through an app can help you reach more audiences as there is a standard increase in smartphone users worldwide.
  • People prefer comfort over anything. Having a taxi app helps to earn brownie points from your users.
  • The taxi app makes the marketing process easier, as social media can be utilized to promote the product or service.
  • Owning an on-demand marketplace can also be easier to manage the business with a simple-to-use dashboard.
  • Any app gives out data, where the users’ data can be used to predict the performance of the platform (present and in the near future).

How to choose the best taxi app development company for your startup?

Let’s get to know the 6 core points to consider when choosing the best taxi app development company.

1. Tech Stack:

Using the latest technology in the market gives an added advantage to the taxi app as the UI & UX will be innovative. It ensures that the platform will be flexible, scalable, and futuristic.

2. Features & Functionalities:

Having market-researched features and functionalities in the platform increases the user-friendliness of the app. Not only that but the expectations of the target customers will also be fulfilled.

3. Experience of the team:

It is important to have efficient and skilled personnel in the team to make your dreams become reality.

4. Testimonials:

When you check the experience of the taxi app development team, don’t forget to check out their testimonials. Look into the customer satisfaction aspect so that you have no doubts before proceeding with them.

5. Cost of development:

The cost of developing a taxi app must be reasonable and must fit within your budget. Make sure to look at the pricing plan clearly before proceeding.

6. Post-sales support:

The post-sales support has to be inclusive of the pricing plan package you choose for yourself. Technical support is as important as the quality of the product or service.

Ready-made vs creating a taxi app from scratch, what's better?

Let’s get into two types of taxi app development companies before hiring one!

Firstly, a software development company that builds a taxi app from scratch. Though they have certain advantages, the cost is not certainly one.

According to the market rate, developing a taxi app from scratch costs around $20,000 to $70,000 with a labor cost of $40 per hour! It takes around 5 to 7+ months to develop your expected output.

As a startup owner, you don't have to spend this much and wait for your investors' money to proceed with further business activities.

Luckily, you have a better option. A taxi app development company with ready-made software, cost less, deliver quickly, and the outcome surpasses your expectations.

A 100% customizable and scalable solution that costs a maximum of $5000, including the white-labeling charges. If you plan on adding extra features, it’ll cost $25 per hour of labor charge.

You have two options right in front of you. Pick what suits you the best!

And we hope you choose right!

How do we differ from other taxi app development companies?

We provide a ready-made whitelabel product - Wooberly, which can be customized according to your business needs.

  • We pride ourselves on our on-time delivery.
  • Our features are well-researched to enhance your taxi business.
  • We give you regular and prompt updates during the development process of your taxi app.
  • Our post-sales support is thorough and attentive.

Here's what one of our customers say about us,

“Choosing to work with RadicalStart was the best decision I have made for my business so far.” - Katie Caputo

Want to know more about our support services? - contact our team on Whatsapp.

On-demand business ideas where you can implement our ready-made app solution:

Let’s get to know a few on-demand business ideas that you can play around with!

  • Courier delivery services.
  • Handyman services.
  • Tow truck services.
  • Beauty salon services.
  • Bike taxi app services.
  • Logistics services.

Your business can flourish by choosing the apt taxi app development company. Don’t hesitate to contact us on WhatsApp or drop an email at [email protected] for more information!

Let us help you realize your dream!

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