How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like TaskRabbit?

Looking for the cost? Keep in mind that you will not just get one answer, but many.


We’ll make this clear.

You have a different requirement and budget when developing an app like TaskRabbit.

When you realize that, you also need to know…

There are different ways you can develop a TaskRabbit-like app. They are custom development and a readymade solution.

Let’s know that with a short intro.

Custom development

It is a process of building a web or mobile app from scratch. So it’s like starting from the beginning.

However, this process is expensive and time-consuming.

Readymade app solution

On the other hand, it is a pre-developed application; you can leverage it immediately.

All you need to do is purchase - with minor customization(if needed), you can launch it for your user.

The cost of developing an app like TaskRabbit

The cost of custom development would be between $80k and $200k, while the ready-made solution (TaskRabbit clone) would cost around $7k and $15k.

Now you are aware of the cost.

Then what’s waiting on the following section?

There’s more!

To say, we’ll see about ‘factor impact both ways(custom VS readymade solution) and a comparison of each.

Factors affecting the cost (Custom development)

1. Complexity of features

The more features and functionalities the app needs, the more complex the development process becomes.

The logic is that SIMPLE.

Advanced features such as real-time communication, geolocation services, and complex algorithms increase development costs.

2. Design requirements

A well-designed and user-friendly interface is essential.

The complexity of the design, including graphics, animations, and overall user experience, can impact costs.

3. Platform compatibility

Developing an app for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, web) increases development time and costs.

However, you can’t ignore either iOS or Android.

Native app development tends to be more expensive than cross-platform development.

4. Back-end infrastructure

The complexity and scalability of the back-end infrastructure, including servers, databases, and APIs, can significantly impact costs.

5. Integration with third-party services

If your app requires integration with third-party services or APIs, the development team may need to spend their way on customization, impacting costs.

6. Testing and quality assurance

Rigorous testing and quality assurance are crucial to identify and fix bugs.

The more extensive the testing process, more the resources are involved.

Factors affecting the cost (Readymade solution)

1. Providers reputation

Each provider differs in their pricing, so there’s no universal pricing plan.

Based on their uniqueness, reliability, and reputation, the provider comes up with a different price segment.

The quality of the product and their service add up to the total cost.

2. Customization

Even though it's a pre-developed solution, you can customize new features and functionalities.

This means all the additional work you tend to put in comes with an additional cost.

However, you can ignore this process and go live.

3. Technical support

The level of technical support you’ll get along with the solution impacts the cost.

This won’t be hidden but transparent to you on their pricing plans. The higher the quality of support, the higher the price.

Let’s compare it to make it more clear!

1. Customization

Custom development: Developing an app from scratch allows for complete customization to meet specific business requirements.

Readymade solution: While it offers a quick launch, but comes with a certain limitation—as a result of a pre-developed solution.

2. Time to market

Custom development: Developing from scratch typically takes longer but provides more control over the entire development process.

Readymade solution: It offers a quicker time to market since the core framework is already built.

3. Cost control

Custom development: When developing an app from scratch, you can estimate the pricing until new requirements pop in, nobody can’t control it.

Readymade solution: Here you don’t decide the pricing but the providers.

Purchasing a readymade TaskRabbit clone won’t cost more; however, you may need to pay as you have the additional requirements.

Decide for yourself

We’ve looked at the cost, the ways(custom development and readymade solution), and its effect.

The reason we’re sharing all this with you is that you need to make the ideal decision.

No matter where you are in your business journey, your next move is crucial. But the decision you take should be driven by your business needs.

Let’s hope for the best and best wishes for your journey.

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