Most entrepreneurs have a hard time deciding the revenue model of their peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace. Usually, it starts with researching competitors and finding a good strategy to increase sales and profit.

To devise revenue strategy for your peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace, find various techniques in this blog.

Charging a service fee from Host

You can charge a service fee from Host as a fixed amount or a fixed percentage. For each booking, the host provides the fixed fee to the platform owners.

Charging a service fee from Guest

Charge a small fee from Guest as a fixed amount or a percentage for using your marketplace platform to rent a car. You can fix the fee 5-25% depending upon the number of transactions happen per day.

Listing property fee

Earn a small fee from the property listed in your marketplace by the property owners and generate a small profit out of it. Charge the fee based upon the time period owners are going to list their property on the marketplace platform.

For instance, you can offer a free trial for the first 3 months and ask for a minimal fee to advertise their car in the marketplace platform after the trial ends.

User membership fees

You can charge a fee from the users who upgrade to membership accounts, which offer many benefits such as insurance, and other special offers.

Likewise, you can charge a fee from property owners as well. Owners upgrade to membership premium would subscribe to advantages such as free advertisements of their listing in other sites, insurance coverage, and other special offers.

Wrapping up

To know the full effect of your revenue strategy on your profit generation, it takes time to realize the result. Observe customer’s behavior in your marketplace and get insights to steer peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace in the right direction.

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