Wooberly v2.1 is LIVE now!

Wooberly v2.1 has rolled out: Let’s learn what’s new!

Check out what’s new with our on-demand Uber clone app - Wooberly v2.1! Exciting updates and instructions are waiting for you!

Saaradha Senthil Kumar
Saaradha Senthil Kumar

Aloha aspiring entrepreneurs! We are zealous to notify you of our NEW version of Wooberly v2.1!

Know about Wooberly!

Wooberly, an Uber clone app, is our seamless online taxi dispatch marketplace solution that helps entrepreneurs start their own app-based taxi business.

Our solution is 100% customizable and scalable, which means our marketplace solution expands to embrace more customers.

We created Wooberly using a cross-platform software development toolkit called Flutter.

It enables us to create both Android and iOS apps in one go!

Switch on your seat warmer, get some popcorn to entertain yourself - coz’ our NEW updates are going to take your taxi business to the next level!

Listing out the Wooberly v.2.1 updates,

  1. The admin can now manually dispatch rides to the rider using the admin panel.
  2. The admin can view the map and heat map to analyze the demand of their business.
  3. All the mobile-related settings have been transferred to a new tab - mobile app settings in the admin panel.
  4. The admin can now set the favicon using their admin panel.
  5. The support contact information can be managed from the admin panel.

Want to understand the workflow of these amazing updates?

Go ahead and read the whole thing!

A step-by-step guide on Wooberly v2.1

Knowing the working process always gives clarity!

1. Manual dispatch

Now the riders can book a ride by calling the admin, and the admin will be making an instant booking or schedule a ride for the riders.

This feature will induce more bookings in the rural parts of the country.

a) Instant booking

  • Login to the admin panel, and look for the ‘Manual Bookings’ on the left side of the dashboard.


  • Click on ‘Add new’ to book new rides.


  • Enter the phone number and click next.


  • Enter the first and last name, email address [will be pre-filled if the rider is already registered on the platform]. Then, push the toggle button to book now (which means instant booking), give the pickup and drop location.


  • The admin can add up to 2 stops excluding the dropoff location by clicking on the ‘Add stops’ option.


  • Once done, click ‘Next’.
  • The admin can see the route marked on the map with the pickup and dropoff location.
  • Then the admin has to choose the category of the vehicle (based on the rider’s preference), check the rate and availability of the vehicle, and communicate it to the rider.


  • As soon as the admin selects a category of vehicle, the ‘Auto assign’ checkmark will show on the map.


Scenario - 1

The platform will automatically assign a driver to the rider if the ‘Auto assign’ is checked.
The admin has to select the vehicle category and communicate with the rider regarding the displayed ride details including the fare split up.

Scenario - 2

If the admin unchecks it, he/she has to manually select a driver from the pop-up box where the list of available drivers will be displayed.


The available drivers are ranked based on their vicinity and ratings.
The rider will receive every update regarding the ride via SMS.

Once the admin completes the booking process, he/she can view the ride details including the fare split up.

b) Scheduled booking

  • Login to the admin panel, and scroll to find the ‘Manual Bookings’ on the left side of the dashboard.
  • Click on ‘Add new’ to book new rides.
  • Enter your phone number, then click ‘Next’.
  • You see the box expand, then enter the first and last name, email address, push the toggle button to schedule, type in the pick up and drop location as well.
  • Click on the calendar icon to set the date and time of the ride.


The booking flow remains the same as manual bookings after this.

2. Map view and heat map view

The admin can view the map and heat map to analyze the demand of their business in respective areas and allot drivers based on it. This helps business admins to balance the supply and demand.

a) Map view

  • Login to the admin panel and find the ‘Tracking’ section on the left side of the admin dashboard.


  • Click on it and you’ll see a window open with a map on it.
  • In the map, the admin can see the active riders, available drivers, unavailable drivers, and inactive drivers in the marker info board.


  • The admin can view the respective users by clicking on the dropdown arrow and for a specific timeline (today, last 7 days, last 30 days, or all days)
  • The pins on the map with different colors represent the respective user on the map.

b) Heat map view

  • Login to the admin panel and scroll to find the ‘Tracking’ section on the admin dashboard.
  • Then click on the ‘Heat map’ button to view the heat map.


  • In the heat map feature, the admin can see the color-coded visual representation of the bookings and active drivers.


  • The admin can see the bookings or active drivers by clicking on the dropdown arrow and for a specific timeline (today, last 7 days, last 30 days, or all days)

3. Mobile app settings

This section is introduced in the admin panel to control the mobile app settings more comfortably!

The features that are included here are;

  • Force update, Stripe Publishable Key, and Multiple stop settings - moved from site settings tab to mobile app settings.


  • The manage driver app trip request window feature will help the admin to show or hide the following in the driver app trip request window - distance, pickup location, duration, drop-off location, and estimated price.


  • The manage driver app sleep mode is to keep the app visible on the mobile screen at all times during the ride. The admin can change the activity status (active/ inactive) of it.


4. Favicon setting by admin

The admin can change the favicon using the site settings in the admin dashboard.

  • Login to the admin panel.
  • Find the site settings section on the left panel.
  • Click on it and find the choose a file button to change the favicon according to business needs.


5. Support contact in the admin panel

Both the rider and the driver can contact the admin for any booking-related support using their apps. The support information will be set by the admin in the admin dashboard, and the same will appear in the rider and driver app.

  • Login to the admin dashboard.
  • Click on the mobile app settings section, scroll down to find the support information.


  • As an admin, you can edit the information such as contact phone number, email address, and skype (optional).
  • Don’t forget to click submit once done.

This is how it'll reflect on the mobile apps of both the rider and the driver.


Aren’t you as excited as we are!? You should be! These features have been planned and executed with love!

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Rider app
Driver app

Rider app
Driver app

Web panel:
Admin panel

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