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Tips to build a social media marketing strategy for restaurants

Tips to build a social media marketing strategy for restaurants

Want help with social media strategies for restaurants? We present you with exciting tips to enjoy the attention given by your target audience.

Saaradha Senthil Kumar
Saaradha Senthil Kumar

Running a restaurant could be a task. Increasing your restaurant’s footfall could be possible if you switch from traditional promotional methods to social media marketing.

Social media marketing for your restaurant could enhance the online presence of the business in so many ways. This blog is to educate the restaurant owners as to how you can strategically win over your customers using social media.

Let’s jump right in to know about how social media strategies can work for your restaurant business!

Why should you be using social media marketing strategies for restaurants?

Ever heard of Gen Z and Millennials? Oh yes! These people are the ones who are extremely active on social media. They check out restaurants based on ratings, reviews, videos, bloggers, vloggers, and many more.

You should be having a social media presence for them to at least tag you in the images they decide to post on social media.

These are the 3 main reasons to consider social media as a weapon to reach out to your audience.

  • Social media presence will induce interaction between you and your target audience.
  • A place to give out reviews and ratings – higher the rating and number of people rating, the higher will be the authentication given to newly found customers.
  • It is one of the most cost-effective methods to reach out to your customers.
    You can get insights to start a food delivery business in any geographic location.

How to use social media marketing for restaurants?

1. Instagram Marketing

Instagram has been wildly successful when it comes to sharing the target audience’s lifestyle. Starting from taking pictures using filters to tagging people and places while posting. It has been a thing for a long time and it isn’t stopping anytime soon.

  • Know the high-performing hashtags and optimize the hashtags when you post a picture.
  • Make sure to be extremely creative. And use catchy one-line phrases to attract the crowd.
  • Take high-quality photos.
  • Show relevancy in the quote, photo, and people/places you tag.
  • Work on the Reels – with the audience, with the DJ at your restaurant, or even the chef. Show the work behind the stage.
  • And stories. When customers ping your location to their stories. Reshare those to show them that you notice and appreciate it.

2. Facebook Marketing:

Facebook has been a little outdated using Instagram.

  • Optimize the content you post on Facebook.
  • Know the crowd before posting on Facebook.
  • Channelize your content in groups and communities related to restaurants, foodies, and such.
  • Run a Facebook Ad only if you feel necessary. Optimize the Ad and give enough budget for it to work right.
  • Share the great reviews and ratings.
  • Be engaging with the audience.

3. Influential Marketing:

Influential Marketing is like local to international press nowadays. Business owners don’t wait for the magazines to review their restaurants. Influencers do it online.

They have food at your restaurant, take a picture, post it by tagging you and they gain traffic to their account and also increase the footfall in your restaurant.

There is just one point to note when it comes to influencer marketing – pick that works for your niche, find a balance between your objectives and theirs.

Get in touch with food vloggers or bloggers to talk about your restaurant. They reach millions of people and it could work in your favor.

4. Meme Marketing:

We know memes works wonders amongst a very large crowd. Meme marketing does not confine you to one social media platform. Give out resonated memes to the audience through any platform that works best for your restaurant.

Benefits of social media marketing plan for restaurants

Apprehend you from your competitors

Social media marketing strategies for restaurants have to work on showing uniqueness in giving out content related to your niche.

Providing with an Update

When you post regular content – let’s say based on the takeaway specials, buffet offers, special offers, etc. Giving out those content can give your customers what to expect from your restaurant in the upcoming events.

Brand Advocacy

Branding is the main focus of social media marketing. You can enrich your brand performance and identity through social media.

Reaching out to new customers

Social media could be a way to reach out to new potential customers for your restaurant. When you are consistent with the restaurant updates surely it’ll expand your customer base.

7 Highlights to social media marketing strategies for restaurants

It is essential to know a few basics when you jump into social media marketing for your restaurant.

  1. Studying what kind of target audience that particular social media platform has and you can work it around your restaurant.
  2. Social Media Monitoring – Knowing how to read social media analytics for each platform.
  3. Figuring out the right posting time on each social media platform that crucially works for your restaurant. (You have to work it out on your own! There is no guide book to pick the right posting time for your business)
  4. Plan your content wall – whether it is going to be a full-on text or graphical kind.
  5. What works best for your audience? This comes only when you equip yourself for social listening. Doing what your audience likes from your restaurant especially.
  6. Adding a personal touch to the content – whether it is textual or graphical. It has to resonate with your audience.
  7. Respond to their ratings and reviews. If it’s good – say Thank you. We appreciate it. If it’s bad – apologize and promise to rectify the situation.

You got an overview of what are the things to do when you enter your restaurant business on social media. And also we got to know how effective it is to enrich the performance of your restaurant.

Now not only social media can help, but also having ready-made software to help you with order management and delivery could be a prospect of improvement for your restaurant business.

Are you thinking about it now? Let’s get you started by introducing a food delivery software just for you!

What is this food delivery software?

WooberlyEats, a food delivery software – 100% customizable, built using trending technology called Flutter. It could very much help you to enhance the performance of your restaurant!

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Saaradha Senthil Kumar

Saaradha is a former content writer at RadicalStart. She helped aspiring entrepreneurs digitize their business through thoroughly constructed blogs on booming business ideas and technology.