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Risk of free open source Uber clone software

Risks of using free open source Uber clone software that you should be aware of!

Saaradha Senthil Kumar
Saaradha Senthil Kumar

As an entrepreneur who plans on owning an Uber clone software, you’ll have to gain knowledge on the same. Not only on the business aspect but also the technical aspects of owning software.

Let’s get to know what is open source software (OSS) and how it affects your Uber-like business when you own a free version of the OSS and what are the advantages of owning a licensed version of open source Uber clone software!

Let’s begin!

What is open-source software?

Open-source software (OSS) is computer software that can be distributed with the source code which is made available for the programmers to modify and use with its original rights.

It is released under a properly copyrighted license which gives the copyright holder the right to study, change and improvise the source code as they see fit.

Pros and Cons of using open-source software for your business

If you are a non-technical person and want to know about the open-source Uber clone software for your app-based business, then this list of the pros and cons will help you understand better!

Let’s get going!

Pros of using open-source software in your on-demand business

When you own an open-source you can alter the code to add features and functionalities to make the on-demand platform more flexible and agile.

Having an OSS is a cost-effective solution as you can manage your business operations more efficiently.

Using an OSS for your on-demand business, you can decide when to go small and go big. You can control the size of your Uber-like business according to your convenience.

It ensures reliability as you’ll be having control over the source code (if licensed) and you’ll be authorizing the changes for your on-demand business.

Since you own the OSS, you can confidently claim the security for your business platform to your users. They don’t have to worry about the credibility of your on-demand platform.

Cons of using free open-source software in your on-demand business

An unlicensed OSS version doesn’t ensure the security of the source code - the transactions that happen in the platform, the data fed into the software, and more.

When the source code is not licensed, you can’t hold the development team responsible for it and they certainly aren’t answerable for the warranty or guarantee about the quality of output.

The free version will surely cause issues with the function of the on-demand platform. And also you cannot access tech support when needed, as the tech team won’t be as reliable as a licensed software development team.

You’ll need mandatory backup from a highly skilled development team if you buy free open-source software which will cost you more than procuring a licensed version of the Uber clone software.

How using licensed open-source Uber clone software can help your taxi business?

Until now we saw what are the pros and cons of having open-source software to induce an online presence for your on-demand business!

Now it’s time to know what a licensed version of open source Uber clone software can help your business in the technological aspect!

  1. Getting a licensed version of Uber clone software from an expert development team is directly proportional to owning abundant tech support whenever necessary for your Uber-like business.

  2. A licensed version of OSS ensures the quality of the Uber clone software and also there is a team of developers who are answerable for the software output quality.

  3. When the open-source code is licensed and distributed to you (the business owner) by the software development team, then you can alter the code whenever it is necessary for you to scale up from one level to another.

  4. You’ll be getting 100% of your open source code which means ‘No vendor lock-ins’. You won’t depend on the software development team who built the Uber-like app.

  5. The platform owners are the sole owner of your Uber clone software.

  6. The data will be saved in the software which can be used for any business development opportunities in the future.

  7. Since you’ll be having the OSS of the Uber clone software, you can alter the source code to your business needs.

These are some of the underlying concepts you should familiarize yourself with before getting a free version of open-source Uber clone software for your business.

Initially, the cost of procuring the Uber clone software might be less, but the maintenance costs increase if it is not a licensed product. Which in turn will affect the financial aspect of running your Uber-like app-based business.

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