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Lyft clone app

How to create a Lyft clone app using the best software solution?

Looking for a perfect Lyft clone app to launch your taxi business? Continue reading this post to know more about the Lyft clone.


According to statistics, the revenue of the taxi business is expected to reach US$55,364m by 2025. Hence, starting a taxi app like Lyft will be more profitable.

Lyft is the second-largest ride-hailing service. Lyft started its journey in the year 2012. It generated over $6 billion in 2020 and expected to grow more.

Most entrepreneurs are inspired to start their taxi booking business using the best Lyft clone app available. To know more about the Lyft clone and its benefits, continue reading this post.

After going through this post, you will,

  • Have a complete knowledge on the working of the Lyft clone app
  • Identify the features to be implemented
  • Know the best technology to build your Lyft clone app
  • Learn about the monetization strategy
  • Discover the perfect solution to launch your Lyft clone app

How Lyft clone app work?


Customers register their accounts by using their mobile number and email address

Search and book:

Customers select their desired vehicle and also payment mode.
After selecting the vehicle, the customers will send the booking request to the nearby driver

Booking request:

The driver receives the booking request once they turn on their status as online


The customer will receive a notification regarding the booking details

Route navigation:

After accepting the booking request, the driver will reach the exact pickup location by using Google map navigation

Payment mode:

Customers can pay their ride fare with the multiple payment options available.

Rate and review:

After completing the ride, customer can rate and also share their ride experience with the help of the review option

Ride history:

The customer and also driver have the option to keep track of both past rides and upcoming rides


Admin has the rights to manage the entire process of the platform and can view and manage the driver & rider details, reports, history of trips, ratings, pricing, and so on.

Core features to be implemented

Customer app features

1. Real-time location tracking

This feature in the Lyft clone app allows the customer to track the exact location of the driver in real-time.

2. Notifications

After the successful booking, customers receive notifications regarding their booking status along with the driver’s details.

3. Multi-vehicle option

The Lyft clone app offers a variety of vehicle choices to choose from. It allows the customers to select the vehicle based on their convenience.

4. In-app wallets

Customers can pay for their ride using the wallet option available in the app. The Wallet can be easily recharged by using debit or credit cards.

Driver app features

1. Payout method

The driver can add ‘n’ number of payout methods in the Lyft clone app and also can set any one of them as default.

2. Stripe 3D secure authentication

Supporting SCA with 3D secure in Stripe payments help avoid fraudulent activities in credit and also debit card transactions.

3. Trip history

The trip section in the driver app displays all the current and also past trips. The current trips display all the on-going trips and the past trips section displays all the completed trips so far.

4. Google map navigation

The driver can reach the exact pickup location of the rider by using Google map navigation available on the app.

Technologies used

Our Lyft clone app is built using the latest technology Flutter. Flutter offers many benefits like,

  • Reduced development cost and time due to single codebase
  • Helps launch the app faster in the market
  • Eye-catchy and attractive UI
  • Compatibility
  • Offers top-notch performance

Apart from Flutter, we used,

  • GraphQL to increase the performance of the API
  • adhara socket io to create the continuous connection between mobile devices
  • Firebase to handle push notifications and also crash analytics
  • Google map and Geocoder to fetch the exact location

Monetization methodology

The most popular revenue model used by apps like Lyft, Uber is a commission-based model.

The Platform owner charges a certain amount of fee from customers for every successful completion of the ride. The fee will be either in the form of fixed or percentage.

Build your taxi app like Lyft with Wooberly:

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What makes Wooberly unique?

  • Availability of complete source code
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  • Exciting features
  • Free installation of API on your server
  • Apps will be submitted in both PlayStore and Appstore at free of cost
  • Free support after the rejection of apps in Appstore and Playstore

How to get started?

I hope this blog helps you choose the best Lyft clone app to begin your dream taxi business at ease.

If you need more guidance in building a taxi app, drop us a mail at [email protected]

Let us help you create an app like Lyft

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