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Pharmacy delivery app
Pharmacy delivery app

How to start a pharmacy delivery service

Learn how to start a pharmacy delivery service and make your local medicine business reap the benefits of online delivery.


Over the past years, we have seen on-demand services, such as ride-hailing, food-delivery, grocery-delivery, or parcel delivery. Now, joining the list is Uber for medicine delivery service.

Some startups are providing on-demand pharmacy delivery services, but the industry is still in the beginning stage for a radical change.

This article gives an overview of Uber for the medicine delivery business and how to build an app to run the business.

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Why should invest in Pharmacy delivery service

According to Statista, the global online pharmacy market was estimated to be 29 billion U.S. dollars in 2014. It is forecasted that the online pharmacy market will grow around to reach 128 billion dollars by 2023.

We can infer from the statistic that the market for on-demand pharmacy delivery will increase with time. Thus, resulting in the growth of the market size.

Other reasons that attribute to the growth of the on-demand pharmacy market is,

Evergreen business

The pharmacy delivery service is an evergreen business idea.

Usually, people wait in a long queue to get their medicines, and sometimes we observe a rush to stores. There are instances where we wait for a long time and end up knowing the tablets we need are not being available.

The app will help people in ordering their medicines online and get them delivered to the doorstep. It solves the core people’s problem creating a never-ending demand.


According to the Global Online Pharmacy Market Report, the revenue of the on-demand medicine delivery app market is expected to cross over $131 billion by 2025.

From this stat, we can say that the revenue of the pharmacy delivery would increase in the upcoming year and be considered a profitable business opportunity.

How an app for medicine delivery is beneficial to your business?

When you are starting an online medicine delivery, a mobile app plays a crucial role to grow your business.

It offers benefits such as,

1. Increase brand visibility

The app improves your online brand visibility to customers.

2. Direct marketing to customers

The app for medicine delivery helps business owners to market their brand directly to customers.

3. Convenience

The app is seamless and convenient for customers to order their medicines.

4. A source of income

The platform allows pharmacy stores to earn an income by increasing brand visibility and reaching more customers online.

The basic components of online medicine delivery app

In the Uber like medicine delivery app, there are major four user groups – Customer, delivery person, pharmacy store, and the business owner.

The platform comes with two mobile apps for customer and delivery partners, a web panel for the pharmacy store, and an admin panel for the platform owners.

Key features that are included in the Customer app

Saved location:

Customers can save their home or work address for quick booking.

Order management:

Customers can manage their past and current orders through the order management section.


The customer has the option to pay either by cash or credit/debit card.


The customer can manually choose the language of their mobile app.

Promo code:

Customers can use promo codes that are offered by the business owners.


The customer can also pay via the wallet.

Twilo SMS verification:

This feature helps in validating the user’s phone number through SMS.

Key features in the Delivery app

Easy registration:

Drivers can sign-up into the app quickly and easily.


The driver has to upload the scanned documents of their driver’s license, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance before commencing their service on the platform.

Earnings report:

The drivers can view the earnings made from the platform.

Order management:

Drivers can manage their past and current orders.


The driver can add their bank account details as their payout.


They can choose their preferred language out of English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Japanese, and Russian.

Google map navigation:

This feature helps drivers to navigate to store location and the customer’s address.

Offline/online status:

Drivers can change their online status by a toggle button.

Main features come in the pharmacy store web panel

Add payout method:

The pharmacy store can add their bank account details as a payout.

Manage medicine list:

The store can add a list of medicines they have in stock.

Order management:

The store can view and manage the past and current orders.

Transaction management:

The store can view all the information about past transactions.

Open hours:

The store can set open hours for each day.

Core features in admin panel

Manage customer & drivers:

The platform owners can manage the customers’ and drivers’ information in their dashboard.

Manage pharmacy store:

The owner can manage the information of all pharmacy stores and edit the details as well.

Manage service fee:

They can set service fees for customers, delivery partners, and pharmacy stores.

Admin earnings:

The platform owner can view the earnings they get from each booking.

Manage bookings:

The owner can view and manage the past and current bookings that happen on the platform.

Manage promo code:

The owner can add promo codes for customers.

Content Management:

The owner can add and edit the existing content on the website.

How pharmacy delivery services help the business owners to earn?

The business owner charges a commission for each transaction from customers, drivers, and pharmacy stores. The service fee can be charged either as a flat fee model or the distance-based fee model.

In the flat fee model, you collect a delivery fee, booking fee, Pharmacy store service fee, and driver service fee.

In the distance-based fee model, you collect pickup fare, drop fare, distance fare (per Km), booking fee, Pharmacy store service fee, and driver service fee.

How to start a pharmacy delivery service and its development cost

Before discussing cost, let’s first examine the ways to build a mobile app.

There are two options to build your on demand delivery app for your business.

  1. Hire the development team to build the app from scratch.
  2. Prefer a readymade script that is customized to suit your business goals.

Let’s examine these two options based on time constraints and the cost of medicine delivery app development.

Time constraints

When you consider developing an medicine delivery app from scratch, it takes more than ten months or a year to build a full-fledged working product. It takes time for a startup to hire skilled developers and engineers, form the team, and start the project.

If you prefer a readymade script, the layout of the app is pre-built, and it takes less time to customize the app suiting your business.

Cost of medicine delivery app development

If you consider building an Uber like medicine delivery app from scratch, the cost of development includes the server cost, overhead cost, salary to engineers, etc.

When you prefer customizing a ready-made script to build an app for your business, you pay for the source code and the customization charges. The cost is lower compared to building an app from scratch.


Wondering about a perfect Pharmacy delivery solution for your business

Look at nowhere but WooberlyPharmacy - Pharmacy delivery app, a customizable and readymade script to set up your business fastly into the market.

The perks of this readymade custom script are,

  1. You can build your mobile apps with Flutter technology, which gives a visually engaging UI.
  2. You get 100% source code and modify it to your requirements.
  3. Build the API of the script with GraphQL technology.
  4. Included with all the essential features for the smooth function of all business operations.
  5. Suitable for businesses of any size.

Closing thoughts

This is the right time to start your pharmacy delivery services. The market is growing and is having great potential.

If you are interested to build a medicine delivery app, then we are here to help you out. Reach to us at [email protected].

Let’s have a conversation about your existing business idea and set the ball rolling.

Let us help you create an app for medicine delivery

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