4 easy steps to create an Uber-like lawn care app for your business

4 easy steps to create an Uber-like lawn care app for your business

“The grass is always greener on the other side,” they said. It is definitely greener on this side. Learn how to create an Uber-like lawn care app to launch your online lawn service business at ease!

Saaradha Senthil Kumar
Saaradha Senthil Kumar

The most exciting part of connecting with nature could be rock climbing or trekking, but have you tried having a clean and welcoming garden?

Well, busy people cannot afford to have leisure hobbies but taking a few moments to admire the garden is sufficient.

Cleaning the leaves, trimming the bushes, prepping the flower bed, mowing the lawn could be a task. And that’s where the lawn care service providers come in.

But how does a customer get in touch with them to get their services done?

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What is an on-demand lawn care service business?

On-demand lawn care business helps customers connect with nearby service providers to make their grass beautiful & healthy.

🤔But how do they connect?

As an entrepreneur, your online platform acts as a bridge to connect these two personas, and you'll earn from the commission you get from the bookings made on your platform.

You’ll manage the business operations using a web control panel with various features and functionalities that are simple, which helps you operate your business from anywhere.

What services can be included in your Uber-like lawn care app?

Uber-like lawn care services can offer a wide range of services like lawn mowing, landscaping, trees/shrubs care, pest control, fertilization, etc.

1. Lawn mowing services

The average cost of this service lies within $48 (which varies according to the location, the size of the lawn, the type of equipment engaged to mow the lawn). This seems quite expensive.

But using your marketplace platform you can give out promo codes, discounts, and coupons for customers to make them happy with the concession.

2. Cleaning up the yard

Some people dread the spring and fall seasons, which means it takes extra time and money to keep your yard clean and leaves-free.

Now, the average cost of yard maintenance is $250 - $500 and it depends upon the size of the yard, the equipment used to clean, the number of garden beds and trees, etc.

3. Seeding

A garden not only needs cleaning, but also soil maintenance, watering, planting saplings based on the soil quality in that particular season.

It takes an average of $850 - $1700 for the seeding process. The cost differs based on the fertilizers used, the seed quality, the grass bed quantity, and more.

These are the 4 crucial steps to follow to make your Uber-like lawn care business more receptive towards the target audience.

Step #1: Features to incorporate in your lawn care business.

1. Multiple categories of services

Since we already read about the service list from above let me keep it short. Having to book a lawn care service provider online is simple with having multiple category options.

Your customers would need the seeding and cleaning services but not the mowing and the permutation. Having a choice on what service to avail, gives the customers confidence in your marketplace platform.

2. Having multiple payment options

Customers hate having to dig through their purses for cash. How about a cashless payment option, such as an in-app wallet or a debit or credit card payment method?

That will make the customers happy.

3. Scheduling the service

Well, this feature will be a god-sent for customers since everyone has their schedules to swap around for someone to be there in the house while their lawn is taken care of.

But when the lawn care service provider comes within a stipulated time frame set by the customer, it’s an added advantage.

4. Earnings report

Lawn care service providers being able to see their earnings reports will help them analyze the frequency of their service and their earnings.

5. Earnings distribution

Automatic earnings distribution feature for the admin (you). Can you imagine distributing the service providers’ earnings every day manually? That’s exhausting. If it is automatic, it saves a lot of time for the admin (you).

Step #2: Technology used to build your on-demand lawn care app

There are two kinds of technology commonly used by software developers when clients come up to them to build an on-demand lawn care app.

One is the Native technology, where you’ll want Android and iOS development professionals separately.

Developing apps from the ground up takes 500 hours or more, with hefty development costs and an extended testing period.

The other one is a cross-platform technology, let’s say Flutter. It was built by Google with intriguing widget libraries, giving developers the time and space to experiment with the app's UX.

The development and testing time is 3X lesser when compared to building an app with Native technology.

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Step #3 Determine monetization method

As mentioned earlier in this article, the customer and the service providers pay a service fee/commission for every booking made on the platform.

This form of the revenue model is called the commission-based model. Most marketplace businesses like Uber operate under this one.

You can set either fixed-price or hourly prices for the services you offer.

Step #4 Cost of developing a lawn care app

Let's keep the cost of establishing an Uber-style lawn care app to a minimum because we've already addressed the technology.

The average market rate for building an on-demand lawn care app from scratch costs around $20,000 to $70,000.

But if you choose to buy a Uber clone solution that is 100% customizable and scalable.

Then you can get one at $5000 maximum.

If you want more exciting features than what they already offer, you'll have to pay an extra $25 per hour, which seems fairly reasonable when compared to the expense of developing an app from scratch.

Think wisely before making any hasty decisions!


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