We are happy to announce the latest versions of RentALL Cars – Car Rental Script v1.3 and v1.2. In both versions, we have brought new changes and improvised the performance of the mobile application.

So, let’s quickly run through the released features.

In RentALL Cars – Car Rental Script v1.3 

  • Home Screen Quick Actions
  • ‘Update Available’ Alert
  • Few Bug fixes

In RentALL Cars – Car Rental Script v1.2

  • Introducing the Apple login feature
  • Migrated code to iOS 13

What is RentALL Cars about?

RentALL Cars – Car Rental Script is a 100% customizable peer to peer car rental marketplace platform. It helps startups to set up their car rental marketplace immediately into the market without hassle.

The product is totally packed with all the vital features for your rental car business. You can test the market trends and customer needs with an MVP and further customize our product to scale your marketplace. Build your car rental marketplace on the web, iOS, and Android applications.

What’s new in RentALL Cars v1.3?

Home Screen Quick Actions

User conveniences are improvised by the home screen quick actions. In RentALL Cars v1.3, users could perform a quick app-specific task by clicking and holding the app icon. Then you have to select the specific action to go to the concerned page.

‘Update Available’ Alert

Users are notified about new updates and versions as they enter the app.

Bug fixes

Few UI design tweaks were made in the latest version and improvised the booking functionality to enhance the speed and performance of the app.

RentALL Cars v1.2 Release Note

Introducing the Apple login feature

Users can now sign-up into the rental platform using the iCloud login credentials.

Migrated code to iOS 13

We have improvised our codes to support iOS 13. Bonus- seamless performance of the app.

Please try out the latest RentALL Cars iOS update here, https://apps.apple.com/us/app/rentallcars/id1492669003

We would love to hear your feedback! Write to us at support@radicalstart.com.

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