The latest version of RentALL Airbnb Clone v2.3 comes with the increased website speed, better user experience, and fixed the bugs.

Let’s see in-depth what this version brings.

About RentALL

RentALL (Airbnb clone) is an online rental marketplace script customizable to any niche sharing economy business model.

Solutions such as vacation rental, event venue sharing, bike rental, car rental, coworking, equipment rental, and camp space sharing are implementable using RentALL. The best part of RentALL built with latest technologies, 100% availability of source code, strong foundation for scaling, rich user experience, and pay once to get your whole script backing you with technical support.

New Features in RentALL Airbnb Clone v2.3

Speeding up the application

This version will ensure that the platform performs at lightning speed. Users can observe the fast loading of the website in their mobile devices, providing a better user experience.

Enhancing Seasonal Pricing Calendar

Seasonal pricing is an important feature in our RentALL product. In this version, the seasonal pricing calendar is enhanced with a new look. We have also optimized the performance of the calendar.

UI Improvements

The user experience is an important aspect of any web application. We love to keep the platform Spick and Span to enhance the user experience. Changes made in this version are:

  • WishList

Wishlist is the key feature of attraction in every marketplace website. In this version, the wishlist icon has been changed being better than the white palette icon.

The appearance of the WishList UI modal is better compared to our previous version.

  • Adding a new Home Layout

With the present three, we give you a new layout to the home page. Which will have a single image banner with a detailed search form. 

You can change the home page layout from the admin panel in the options site setting. 

  • Improvements in ‘Payment Summary’ section

The payment summary section in the booking process modified to display simpler with a handful of information on the website page. 

  • Changes in ‘Become a host’ form

‘Become a host’ form has 3 steps in filling the details of the listing.

In this version, the completed steps are differentiated with the green label and the uncompleted ones with the red label, noticeably found at the left side of each step. This will help the host to identify the completed and incomplete steps.

  • Clean up ‘Why host’ page

This version has updated the ‘Why host’ page by removing the unnecessary section.

View listing page – Inclusion of Availability Calendar

In the previous version, the view listing page provides with a detailed description of the listing but, in the latest version, the listing information includes with the calendar displaying the Host’s available dates which help users while booking.

Implementing the Lazy Load image

The lazy load image technique used to improve the user experience of the website. The image loaded displaying the blur of an image to unveiling the real image.

In this version of RentALL, the lazy loading image technique applies to all listing images improving the website performance.


Please try our RentALL (airbnb clone) demo and share your feedback.

Here is the link,

Share your feedback at We will be grateful for your support.


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