We are happy to announce new updates in the latest version of RentALL – Airbnb Clone iOS v1.9 and Android v2.2.

In the previous version, we have introduced many new features. Adding to that, in this version, we have added “3D secure method” to enable more secure payments made through the mobile apps.

What is RentALL?

RentALL is a customizable rental marketplace platform equipped with full-features to jumpstart an online rental marketplace startup. From making your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to scaling your marketplace platform, RentALL is flexible and provides a user-friendly interface to customers.

Features rolled out in RentALL Airbnb Clone iOS v1.9 and Android v2.2

  • Supporting SCA with 3D secure authentication in Stripe payment.

Strong Customer Authentication

The European government has ordered to implement safe payment transactions in the European region by introducing strong customer authentication. The Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is an end-user authentication process by using multi-factors based on the use of two or more elements categorized as:

  • Knowledge (something only the user knows) – password, pin
  • Possession (something only the user possesses) – mobile phone, smartwatch
  • Inherence (something the user is) – fingerprint, facial recognition

Our RentALL supports SCA to make safe and secure payment transactions with your customers. With that, we support 3D-secure authentication in our online marketplace.

What is 3D-secure and how it works?

3D-secure is an additional security layer for the safe credit/debit card payment transaction. It’s followed by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. This gives customers a secure payment transaction for participating in any online transaction.

It works when customers decide to do online payment for a service or product. When the customer makes the online payment, the platform redirects to the credit/debit card provider’s 3D-secure page on their website.

They would be asked to enter a password that is set to the provider or a pin number sent to the phone at the time of authentication. After entering the pin correctly, the payment is approved. It is then redirected back to the platform.

RentALL implements 3D-Secure in Stripe Payment

RentALL, an online marketplace platform, implements 3D-Secure authentication to comply with PSD2 regulation. End users who make payment using credit/debit cards can make transactions securely.

When a user makes the online payment through Stripe, the platform redirects to the Stripe 3D-secure pop-up window and asks to enter a password or a pin number for user authentication. After the successful authentication, the payment gets approved and the pop-up window closes, it shifts back to the platform page.

This benefits startup owners to create a secure payment transaction in their marketplace platform, reducing the credit card fraud or theft happening.

Rounding up

3D-secure is an essential feature to implement on any rental marketplace platform.

Here is the link to the App Store of latest version of RentALL iOS v1.9 – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/rentallcars/id1492669003

Tap the link to view the latest version of RentALL v2.2 in the Android PlayStore – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rentall.radicalstart

We would love to hear your feedback! Please write to us at support@radicalstart.com.

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