RentALL – Airbnb Clone: A Quick Intro

RentALL is a customizable Airbnb clone script helping entrepreneurs to build their rental sharing platforms similar to Airbnb without spending more time and money.

We built RentALL with the latest technology stack to power up your marketplace for the best performance and it provides a better user experience. We offer you custom development to meet your requirements and provides a scalable solution for rentals.

Now, let’s see the features updated in the new version of RentALL!

Summary of new features – RentALL v2.1

  • Manage homepage logo
  • Manage email template logo
  • Handle homepage banners
  • Manage homepage middle banners
  • Bug fixes

Introducing new features

RentALL has been updated with a new version 2.1 and introduced some new features and bug fixes.

Manage Home Page Logo

Homepage Logo is the first impression that the customers see on the platform. In this release RentALL v2.1, we bring out the option for admin to change the homepage logo as per their preferences like resolutions. This feature helps to increase brand recognition and loyalty which grab the user attraction.

Manage Email Template Logo

The new version is improved with the dynamic email template logo which helps the admin to change the email template logo according to their interest. This feature easily helps in increasing brand awareness and conformity.

Manage Homepage Banners

We have improved RentALL with the option of adding banner images and it helps the admin to change the banners on the homepage as per their wish. Using multiple banner images helps in grabbing the user’s attention.

Manage Homepage Middle Banners

The admin has the provision to manage the content and image of the middle banners on the homepage. This feature helps the website owner to create their own dynamic content and image to highlight the benefit of the platform without making any changes to the code.

Bug fixes

Fixing bugs is a necessary part of every software release. RentALL is continuously being improved by fixing the bug as per the customer feedback. We still keep improving the existing features and doing research to add new features that solve the end user’s problem.

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