Introducing dramatic new features and updating with many bug fixes and improvements in this new version of RentALL iOS V1.8.

Restating – RentALL

RentALL is an Airbnb clone script helping entrepreneurs to build their own rental sharing platforms efficiently. It is 100% customizable and also built with modern technologies that provide a better and also smoother user experience.

Captivating in try our set of features in RentALL iOS v1.8?

Here is the latest set of features,

  • Access inquiry request
  • Host profile page
  • Report User functionality

Now it’s our turn to demonstrate all the features in detail,

Access inquiry request

Bookings will be confirmed once getting the approval from the host after knowing the details regarding the availability. This request directly takes you to the inbox page and also provides flexibility to the guest.

Host profile page

Guests can easily view all the details of the host from the view listing page in this latest version. It also helps the guest to get to know more about their host.

Report user functionality

This version comes up with a report user feature to allow the users to report other user’s behavior. It helps the users to avoid fake or spam users too and admin will get notified regarding this report.

Now, come join us to know more about RentALL iOS V1.8!

RentALL iOS V1.8

To improve our quality more valuable, we have launched our next newest set of features in RentALL iOS version 1.8.

Set of features in RentALL iOSv1.8

  • Apple login feature
  • Speeding up the application

Apple login feature

RentALL iOS v1.8 comes up with the Apple login feature. Users can easily sign-up into the app using the iCloud login credentials. It also makes the login process easier and smoother too.

Speeding up the application

Boosts the performance and also speed of the app in this latest version and gives a new design look to enhance the user experience.

Bug fixes and Improvements

Implementing this latest version with bug fixes and also refurbished with many improvements.

Our team has fixed all the recent bugs and keeps on improving the performance of the app to perform better. We ensure that we will improve our quality in the upcoming version as well.

Thank you for your time in reading this post. You can try our demo from the below link,

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