Technology has helped in creating new business models in the industry. One such business model is the platform exclusively to book venue spaces for events and a platform to book a coworking space. To build this kind of a platform in a short span of time, we have introduced RentALL Space for entrepreneurs and small business owners. RentALL Space is a customizable and readymade space rental script where you can build your platform to your business idea. 

Here’s the story. 

We know the pain of the entrepreneurs in launching a platform for booking venues for events. You need to convince and bring together the owners of the venue and also the customer to your platform. And you need to take care of the marketing, sales, profits and everything. 

To make your space rental business run smoother, RentALL Space helps you take care of the technical stuff and you can focus on running your business or startup.  

How Entrepreneurs can use RentALL Space – Readymade Space Rental Script?

When building a space rental platform by customising a readymade space rental script, we need to look into where customers can easily find the required space, smooth payment transactions, and being comfortable with interacting in their local language. 

Usually customers have trouble in slow loading of the web pages/app performance and with the booking process. RentALL offers a seamless platform experience and many others. Like: 

1. Creative search page with advanced filters

Customers can search their desired venue spaces in the simplified search bar. Further, users can refine their search results using advanced filters. In this way, it is faster to easily locate the desired listing. 

2. Wishlist for customers

Wishlist helps customers in creating a personalised collection of their desired venue spaces on the platform. This helps them for future reservations booking and also makes the website owners identify the customer’s interest in a particular space listing. 

3. Payment gateway options – Stripe credit card with 3D secure and PayPal

To make your payment faster and paperless, our readymade space rental script integrated with the world’s most renowned payment gateway -Stripe and PayPal. Our Stripe payment gateway is 3D secure compliant, which mitigates all the risk happening in online payment transactions. 

4. Manage space availability with specific hours on specific days.

Venue owners can manage their space availability, making it available for specific hours within specific days. In this way, venue owners have the complete control to either advertise it or not. 

5. Stripe Connect Customer Onboarding for adding the host bank account

Venue owners can add their bank details in an easier way by the Stripe Connect Customer Onboarding. The platform can eliminate the process of getting additional personal details of the venue owners. Stripe can handle all the process and it is able to find a secure transaction between the platform customers and platform owner. 

6. Instant Book & Request to Book & Inquiry for the space booking

The readymade space rental script has three options for booking a space: Instant Book, Request to Book & Inquiry for the space booking. Customers have the option to instantly book a space without giving any heads up to owners, and also request a booking to the venue owners. They can also strike an enquiry about any information regarding the booking and venue space. 

7. Multi-currency & multi-language for static contents

Customise your platform to provide multi-currency and multi-language options to connect with the tourists and also with the local people. Tourists and travellers would find it easy to make online transactions with the multi-currency feature. 

8. User reviews auditing from admin

Platform owners can monitor the reviews of both the venue owners given to their customers and vice-versa. The platform owners have the power to edit and delete a review if they find it untrue or unfair. 

Build space rental platform to your business need

When your targeted customers interact in your platform, it should bring in a positive experience, a delightful feeling and a sense of victory while interacting and booking a listing on your platform. 

RentALL Space product helps in changing the customers infrequent interactions to loyal followers. 
If you would like to know more about RentALL Space, check out our product page here. To know more about pricing details, drop us your mail at

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