Today’s world is changing rapidly by getting everything right at doorsteps anytime anywhere is easier and also more accessible than ever.  For similar reasons, entrepreneurs are adopting themself to the on-demand taxi booking business that helps them keep track of their target customers.

Hence, the growth of the taxi booking business is increasing day by day with a huge profit in the market

Start your own on-demand taxi business to stay ahead in this competitive world.

Reason for booming

According to the report, the taxi industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.08% during 2020-2025.

Hence, what constitutes the success and growth of the taxi business?

There are numerous reasons that are responsible for growth and development. It mainly facilitates your on-demand business ideas with a surplus of features and also functionalities to satisfy all the needs and requirements of the users.

Here are some of the prominent reasons for choosing an on-demand taxi business,

  • Easy affordability and accessibility
  • More choices for business space
  • Sustaining instant gratification
  • Providing financial benefit
  • Attracting many customers by providing a smoother experience
  • Embeds a sense of trust

Looking for a customizable solution for your on-demand startups?

Stay ahead in this competitive era of on-demand businesses by launching your own on-demand taxi booking business with Wooberly.

Wooberly – Uber Clone is a ready made solution that helps entrepreneurs in building their own taxi business without spending too much development cost and time. It is 100% customizable, built with the latest technology Flutter and also helps you reach the target market easily.

What makes you choose Wooberly for your on-demand venture?

Easily customizable

Offering full freedom by providing you 100% source code that helps you tailor the readily available solution to the exact needs and requirements of your business.

Clean code

Providing a clean code in Wooberly – Uber clone that makes the process more simple and also direct. It also makes the process of testing and maintenance easier.

Distinctive code base

Built with the latest technology Flutter, it provides a single codebase for both Android and iOS. It mainly helps in increasing performance and also saves more time.

Striking UI

The UI design is more catchy in Wooberly – Uber clone that attracts and also engages the audience to stay for more hours. It provides a better and also smoother user experience.

One time fee

Just a one-time fee with the hassle-free payment options and there is no hidden charge for the base product.

On-time delivery

Delivering each and every quality output within the specified time limit at an affordable price. A timely approach of our Wooberly – Uber clone attracts many customers with more satisfaction beyond expectations.

Astonishing features

Indulging with more stunning features in Wooberly – Uber clone that helps provide a user-friendly and also smoother experience.

Technology used

Perfect technology that will be more suitable for your on-demand business is Flutter. The primary aim of choosing Flutter is to experience high performance and also rapid development.
To start with, let us get our hands on a quick introduction about Flutter,


Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit for cross platforms to build iOS, Android mobile apps created by Google. It mainly helps in fastening the development process with a rapid performance that reduces the development cost and as well as time.

Flutter is the hottest trend in today’s market and provides many powerful advantages that make you stand out from the crowd. Let us take a look at some of the prior reasons,

  • The single code base for iOS and Android
  • Helps reach the market quickly
  • Reduces development cost and time
  • Striking UI
  • Elevating performance
  • Quality assurance
  • Rapid development
  • Good for MVP

Features of wooberly

One-click sign up

Wooberly – Uber clone provides a smooth registration process by entering the mobile number and using Twilio verification, an OTP is sent to confirm the mobile number to avoid fake registration.

Push notifications

Getting real-time updates regarding the live location of both the rider and also driver.

Cancellation reason

The driver and rider have to select any one of the valid reasons from the list of categories given. There is an option to type the reason manually which is not in the list of reasons provided.

Earning Reports

Track your earning reports as a term of the weekly and also total earnings report. The weekly and the total earning report includes the ride completed within this week and also so far completed rides along with the exact fare.

Live tracking

The live tracking feature helps both driver and rider to track their rides and also the exact current route. This enables riders to know the driver’s exact location and also ETA.

Payment options

Wooberly provides multiple payment options for riders. Riders can pay for their entire ride via card, cash or wallet as per their convenience.

Tip to driver

In Wooberly, the rider has the option to add a tip for the driver based on their ride experience before completing the ride.

Stripe 3D secure

Supporting SCA with 3D secure authentication in stripe payment. It is used to verify credit and also debit cards during online transactions. This feature is mainly for safe and also secure transactions.

Ready to launch your own on-demand taxi booking business?

Executing your idea with the apt on-demand taxi booking solution helps you stand apart from the crowd. Now it’s time to launch your on-demand taxi booking business with Wooberly.

Get support from our team of experts at every stage of your business.

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