The on-demand food delivery is one of the profitable business ventures in recent times. It is similar to the on-demand business model of the Uber-like app, but differing in the business functionality. 

This article talks about the on-demand food delivery business and how to build one. 

Tales of on-demand food delivery 

The on-demand food delivery is not a new concept. It started between 2001 – 2005, where there was a major boom in the pizza food business. The pizza hut companies offered a new marketing strategy of delivering the pizza in just 1 minute to home after the customer’s order it online or through phones. 

After Uber became popular with its successful on-demand taxi business model and rise of sharing economy concepts, new food delivery companies started to establish their service around 2015 – 2016. 

In the present, there are many food-delivery companies around the world like DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats etc who are successful in their venture. In addition to food delivery, there are many companies that are coming with the concept of delivering groceries, milk, or medicines to end-customers. 

Booking food through App 

The present food-delivery companies are technology-enabled startups where the users give orders through their app. 

Let’s get an idea of how users book their food through app

On-demand food delivery App Flow Sequence 

  1. A user signs up into the platform.
    • If the person is an existing user, they sign in using his email or phone number. 
    • If the person is a new user, they create their account and sign up using either email or phone number. 
  2. Search for the favourite dish.
  3. Picks up the restaurant. 
  4. Orders the food.  
  5. Restaurant owners receive notification of the order and start cooking food for the requested user. 
  6. The owner delivers the food to the users address or the platform owner depends upon the business. 
  7. The user gets the ordered dish. 

Building an on-demand food delivery app

Startups who are trying to launch an on-demand food delivery business using an app can approach a web development company to build their app or build a food-delivery platform on their own. 

If you choose the first option, then we can help you out. 

We have developed a ready-made on-demand script – Wooberly – customisable to any business idea. The app quality developed to be finest in its performance and user experience and equipped with full-fledged features to set up the business for startups and passion-driven entrepreneurs.  

We convert your business idea into action by customising it with your business requirements that fulfills your business goals. 


Our pre-built on-demand app is apart from others in terms of technology.

We built Wooberly using the Flutter technology. Flutter helps to develop applications faster and with the availability of various widgets, giving the option to build unique UI designs. Develop your code once and you can synchronise your platform in both iOS and Android platforms. 

To know more benefits of Flutter, we have written a separate blog on the reasons to embrace flutter in developing on-demand platforms like taxi booking.  

If you like reading more about our product Wooberly, find more detail in this link

If you want to share any ideas or opinions about our product, you can mail us at We are more than happy to read your response. 

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