Do you know the first sharing economy platform is Airbnb? After Airbnb made their business successful, there are many companies who are trying to carve their own mark into the tech industry following the Airbnb path. 

To relieve the entrepreneurship journey, we have built RentALL Cars – a readymade and customizable peer to peer car rental marketplace to launch marketplace platforms quicker with standard web development. 

What makes RentALL Cars – an Airbnb clone for Cars preferable for any long-term tech commitments? 

Rock-solid Performance 

We believe in the value of clean and succinct coding. This, in turn, makes the app performance faster. 

According to Google, speed is the ranking factor for any website. If your marketplace platform loads faster, more customers would prefer to go to your site. If it is less than the minimum threshold of website speed, it is a matter to worry. 

Great User Experience  

Like performance, users prefer to have a great user experience and feel compelled enough to have a clear booking process. The RentALL Cars designed to have an easy registration process for using the platform for the end-users. The user can register using any email id or using social media login. RentALL Cars also provides a clear booking process to make the experience easier and faster. 

For the Car owners, it takes 3 steps to add complete information of the car property for making it rentable. The car owners can also choose their preferred cancellation policies – Flexible, Moderate and Strict for their properties. 


As RentALL Cars, an Airbnb clone for cars, designed using the latest technologies, it can withhold heavy traffic loads. With every new customer added to the platform as your company grows, it can give the same degree of performance to every user and guarantee for the smooth functioning of all the features.

Even when you are planning to scale your business horizontally or vertically, the website wouldn’t compromise its performance. 

Improving Brand Visibility

Increase your online brand visibility by engaging customers with attractive and fresh content on your website and app. RentALL Cars offers a simplified content management system for easy handling of all the web content. 

The Core Features of RentALL Cars – Airbnb Clone for Cars 

Seasonal Pricing Calendar – Car owners can flexibly choose their prices to earn more profits or offer less pricing during low seasons. 

iCal Integration – Export & Import – Car owners can import & sync their calendar to any platforms for easy access to all booking information. 

Creative Search Page with advanced filters – For making the search easier for customers and also faster, we have implemented a simple and creative search page designed with advanced filters for easy finding

Wishlist – In RentALL Cars, an Airbnb clone for cars, users can save their favorite car listing for future booking reference 

Stripe Connect – To make users pay faster and go paperless, we have integrated the Stripe payment gateway.

User Messages Auditing – Website owners can monitor the car owners and end-users messages.  

User Reviews Auditing – Owners can monitor user reviews given at the end of each rental. 

Ban Users – The website owners can ban fake users from their platform if they are suspicious of any malicious activities. 

Multi-Currency & Multi-Language – Reach to a global audience by implementing multi-language and multi-currency feature to converse in their own language.

Instant Book & Request to Book – We have implemented two booking options: Instant book & Request to book makes it flexible for rental booking to end-users. 

SMS Verification – The end-users can verify the phone number through SMS verification for booking any rental and also helping to build a secure marketplace platform.  

Automatic image compression – Large images on the website are automatically compressed without affecting its quality.  Compressing the image makes the platform to load faster and taking less time to load the images. 

If you would like to know more information about RentALL Cars – an Airbnb clone for cars, find us in this link:

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