How much does it cost to develop an Instacart clone app? [2021 edition]

As a business owner, it is crucial for you to decide on the best Instacart clone app to start your on-demand grocery delivery marketplace business.

Getting clarity on the cost of developing a grocery delivery app could be tiring as it involves a lot of research. But we plan on giving you accurate information on the same.

In this article, we reveal the golden trio question and also how to purchase a quality app that meets your budget!

What is an Instacart clone app?

The Instacart clone app is an on-demand grocery delivery platform that will help budding entrepreneurs to start their grocery delivery marketplace businesses.

The objective of the Instacart clone app is to connect the users, multiple grocery stores, speedy delivery partners, and the admin under one platform.

The Golden Trio questions:

These are the golden trio questions that revolve around your thoughts when you plan on purchasing an Instacart clone app for your grocery delivery business!

And we are here to answer these questions with almost patience and clarity!

1. Why is it important to know the grocery delivery app development cost?

Knowing the cost aspect of owning an Instacart clone app must be the top priority of any entrepreneur.

But why should you know the cost of developing and acquiring a grocery delivery app?

Get to know the reasons, and you’ll never agree more with us!

  • Building an Instacart clone app has to be fitting to your budget as planned.
  • The technology you use to develop the Instacart clone solution also contributes to the cost factor. Therefore, it is important to know what technology to choose to build the solution.

Every reason you read above may not be a long-term investment, but initially, you’ll be needing all the support that you get. To be plain as a canvas you must be able to afford it!

2. Factors that influence the cost of development:

These are the few factors that’ll help you decide what kind of app you are planning to create for your on-demand grocery delivery business.

  • The type of solution you prefer: a ready-made on-demand grocery delivery solution or the one that is developed from scratch.
  • The type of technology you choose to use to build the on-demand grocery delivery app: Native technology vs. cross-platform technology.
  • The number of skilled developers you hire when you develop from scratch will influence the cost of developing an Instacart clone app.
  • The features and functionalities that you want for your grocery delivery app.

3. What is the cost of developing a grocery delivery app in 2021?

The Instacart clone app for your online grocery delivery business must be budget-friendly. Let’s take a look at two scenarios before making a choice!


For instance, you choose a software development team that builds an Instacart clone app from scratch.

And the cost of developing an app from scratch begins at $20,000 to $50,000 to build the grocery delivery app solution for a timeline of 7+ months using the Native technology.

That’s more time taken, more money spent with benefits that might not satisfy you!

Plan- 2:

Let’s say you chose to purchase a ready-made grocery delivery marketplace app solution that is 100% customizable from the leading ready-made solution providers.

And imagine all the above-mentioned advantages have a cost range from $3000 to $5000!?

Yes, you read right! Isn’t it amazing?

This ready-made solution will have all the latest features and functionalities that you’ll be needing to launch your grocery delivery app in the market.

But if you plan on customizing more features now or in the near future an additional cost of $25/ hour is charged.

Are you eager to own a ready-made platform like ours?

Then, check out our product, WooberlyGrocery!

Tech stack of WooberlyGrocery:

WooberlyGrocery is built using the latest cross-platform technology - Flutter.

Using this technology will help you launch your business quicker, and the output will be flawless in case of both the UI & UX!

WooberlyGrocery comes with a package of FREE services such as,

  • Free white-labeling.
  • Free server installation.
  • Free app submission.

Note: The listed benefits may vary based on the opted plan.


Choose what’s right to start your grocery delivery business. But we assure you that our Instacart clone app solution will be the best operating system for your business.

You can discuss with a team of technical experts who will answer every question you may have on the development process and other core solution details!

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