Designing a bike rental app is a tedious task for any developer. But, it is the first blueprint to start the development process of any rental marketplace platform. 

We all know how the internet has made our lives easier. To make it much easier, building a hassle-free booking process of your bike rental app for customers would give the advantage of increased customer engagement in your bike rental platform

To build a comprehensive bike rental app, one must undergo following process such as: 

Set the Project Objective 

When we start with designing the project, set the project objective to have a clear aim.

Objective: Build a bike rental app being very user-friendly and a flashing user design to the customers. 

Identify the User groups 

There are different users who participate in the bike rental marketplace.

User 1: 

A fitness enthusiast who rents the bike for cycling and books near the morning time 6 – 7 AM.

User 2: 

An office goer, rents the bike for daily commute to work. He prefers the bike to rent at 8 – 9 PM. His office is at a short distance but he doesn’t prefer going by walk. Bike helps him to save his time and also be an exercise. 

User 3: 

A solo tourister, who wants to explore each corner of the city. Renting a bike is cheaper compared to renting a cab. And the bike gives a much happy touring experience.  

User 4: 

A school student, who goes to school at 8 – 9 AM. He/She isn’t afforded to use a bike because of the age concern and school rules and cycle being a best alternative for going to school. 

Create a User Flow Sequence


  1. A user signs up into the bike rental app. 
    • If the person is an existing user, they sign in using his email or phone number. 
    • If the person is a new user, they create their account and sign up using either email or phone number. 
  2. Picks up the day, time and the rental duration. 
  3. Books a bike for rental 
  4. Bike owners get notification of the booking and approve the request if they are convenient. 
    • Or rejects a request if they don’t find the booking convenient. 
  5. If the booking confirms, the bike renter pays for the ride. 
  6. Bike renters get their bike from owners and commence their service. 
  7. Return the bike to owners after their rented time period gets expired. 


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