Since the advent of the prominent Uber and Airbnb, the sharing economy considered as the convenient business model. Like car-sharing, house-sharing, or bike, the food-sharing business is a profitable venture. There are many popular startups like Olio, Food Rescue US, and La Piat.

Let’s explore the business model behind food-sharing.

Business model

As mentioned, there are many food-sharing companies.

Let’s look at the business model of La Piat.

The two main participants in the food-sharing business are the chef and customers.

The chefs or food-makers share the menu with the platform. Customers who log-in to the platform, search for the available food on the menu and place an order from the particular chef.

The chef gets notified at the received order and prepares the food. After done, the customer picks up the food or the platform delivers to them. 

In some cases like Olio, a food-sharing company situated in the UK, the business idea is to share food, which are fresh but getting wasted.

The food-sharing process is as such:

A user posts a picture of the unwanted food to the platform. Local people, who are near to the user, show interest in getting the dish by requesting the user with a message. The posted user gets notified about a new request and accept it. Both parties communicate to meet at a particular place to exchange the food.

In this scenario, we can observe that home-cooked food given to other users without getting wasted. Many startups, around the world, are taking inspiration from the above idea and trying to put in practice among their local community to avoid food-wastage. Even though there are limitations legally on selling home-made food commercially, startup platforms are overcoming the challenge and launching their business.

Here’s how to get start

Start a food-sharing business by building a hyperlocal food-sharing web platform or a mobile app.

Approach a web and mobile development company experienced in creating sharing economy platforms. RentALL – Airbnb clone is one such product which is exclusively for sharing economy solutions. It is customizable to any sharing economy models. 

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